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Simple playdoh site to support the gameon 2012 challenge

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gameon 2012

gameon was first run in 2010 by Mozilla Labs. In 2012 Mozilla hope to run the challenge again, and this site will contain the details when we have them.

See what happened when we first ran gameon

Built using playdoh

Mozilla's Playdoh is a web application template based on Django.

Patches are welcome! Feel free to fork and contribute to this project on github.

Full documentation is available as well.


  1. Fork the core gameon repository
  2. Clone your new repo:
    > git clone --recursive git@github:{you}/gameon.git
  3. Set up a new virtual environment (no, you really should):
    1. If you haven't already, install virtualenv[^1]:
      > pip install virtualenv
    2. Make sure you're in the repo folder:
      > cd gameon
    3. Create a virtual environment in the venv subfolder:
      > virtualenv venv
    4. And activate it:
      > source venv/bin/activate
  4. Install required libraries:
    > pip install -r requirements/compiled.txt
  5. Create a database for gameon
  6. Create local settings file, and update accordingly:
    > cp gameon/settings/{-dist,}
  7. Sync your new database:
    > python syncdb
    > python migrate
  8. Start up your development server:
    > python runserver
  9. Have a party

[^1]: If you already work with virtualenvwrapper, we'll assume you know the appropriate steps for using that instead.


This software is licensed under the New BSD License. For more information, read the file LICENSE.

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