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Commits on Jul 10, 2012
  1. Added FENNEC_14_0b12_RELEASE FENNEC_14_0b12_BUILD1 tag(s) for changes…

    ffxbld committed Jul 10, 2012
    …et f0f236ff96dd. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release
    branch : MOBILE140_2012071012_RELBRANCH
  2. Automated checkin: version bump for fennec 14.0b12 release. DONTBUILD…

    ffxbld committed Jul 10, 2012
    … CLOSED TREE a=release
    branch : MOBILE140_2012071012_RELBRANCH
  3. Bug 765139, prevent leaking oldDocument, r=peterv, a=dveditz

    Olli Pettay Olli Pettay
    Olli Pettay authored and Olli Pettay committed Jul 10, 2012
  4. bug 767778 bring report struct in-line w/1.0 spec; include original U…

    Daniel Veditz
    Daniel Veditz committed Jul 10, 2012
    …RI for redirects r=sstamm, a=akeybl
Commits on Jul 9, 2012
  1. Bug 769130 - Actually install channel-prefs.js in PREF_DIR when build…

    glandium committed Jul 9, 2012
    …ing Firefox as a XULRunner app. r=khuey,a=akeybl
    extra : transplant_source : %5E%5B%A7u%81%8C%A2%D8P%26C%916%A0%84%C9b%D17A
  2. Bug 750307 - "Assertion failure: isBoolean()" in RegExpObject::ignore…

    Jason Orendorff
    Jason Orendorff committed Jul 9, 2012
    …Case after redefining nonconfigurable data property. r=Waldo, r=bholley, a=lsblakk.
  3. Bug 771569 - Move elfhack sections before .rel{,a}.dyn to work around…

    glandium committed Jul 9, 2012
    … glibc 2.16 bug. r=froydnj a=akeybl
  4. Bug 735842 - Replace isSyncSetup() and direct AccountManager access w…

    ncalexan committed Jul 9, 2012
    …ith SyncAccounts.syncAccountsExist. r=rnewman a=akeybl
  5. Bug 721760 - Part 2: use Sync's openSyncSettings method from Fennec. …

    Richard Newman
    Richard Newman committed Jul 9, 2012
    …r=nalexander a=akeybl
  6. Bug 721760 - Part 1: Intent to start Accounts Settings from Motorola …

    liuche committed Jul 9, 2012
    …Blur devices. r=rnewman a=akeybl
  7. Bug 771429. Instead of using bound functions for the functions we get…

    bzbarsky committed Jul 9, 2012
    … off the sandbox proto, use a function proxy. That allows property gets on the functions to get through. r=bholley, a=akeybl
  8. Bug 767354 - Typing 1 character in password fields will insert 2 char…

    makotokato committed Jul 9, 2012
    …acters. r=cpeterson a=mfinkle
  9. Bug 764337 - Firefox 14+ requests images inserted by JS multiple time…

    Michal Novotny
    Michal Novotny committed Jul 9, 2012
    …s if not cached r=honzab a=akeybl
Commits on Jul 8, 2012
  1. Bug 749931 - "Migration to a clean Firefox profile" feature doesn't s…

    mnoorenberghe committed Jul 8, 2012
    …uggest browser history migration. r=gavin,a=akeybl
Commits on Jul 7, 2012
  1. Bug 769745 - Persist Android Sync account settings to disk on each sy…

    ncalexan committed Jul 7, 2012
    …nc and re-create account when checking if Sync is set up. r=rnewman a=akeybl
Commits on Jul 6, 2012
  1. Bug 762620 - Make daily timer callback resilient against Android misf…

    gcp committed Jul 6, 2012
    …iring. r=roc a=akeybl
Commits on Jul 5, 2012
  1. b=765150, HTML5 video playback shows purple screen on Motorola/Tegra …

    vvuk committed Jul 5, 2012
    …2 devices; r=jrmuizel,a=akeybl
  2. Bug 769987 - don't forget to ExpandInlineFrames before discarding jit…

    Luke Wagner
    Luke Wagner committed Jul 5, 2012
    … code (r=bhackett,a=akeybl)
Commits on Jul 3, 2012
  1. Bug 769721 - Minimal patch to force OOPP mode on for Windows Vista+ u…

    bsmedberg committed Jul 3, 2012
    …sers, because Flash is not tested with the IPP configuration and has known bugs, r=josh a=akeybl
  2. Re-land only the single part of bug 686335 which prevents us from unl…

    bsmedberg committed Jul 3, 2012
    …oading a plugin in the middle of NPP_New, which was the cause of some new crashes. This was really only an issue when NPN_ReloadPlugins was called from within NPP_New, which is a new behavior of Flash 11.3. r=josh a=akeybl
  3. Back out bug 686335 because of regressions which are possibly worse t…

    bsmedberg committed Jul 3, 2012
    …han the benefit of better Flash upgrades. a=akeybl
Commits on Jun 26, 2012
Commits on Jun 22, 2012
  1. Bug 747055 - Crash in RtlEnterCriticalSection | PR_Lock | mozilla::ip…

    joneschrisg committed Jun 22, 2012
    …c::RPCChannel::WaitForNotify. r=bsmedberg a=akeybl
    extra : transplant_source : T%9E%FA%A2%81%85%09%CBO%06%99z%8E%CB%1CI%1C_%87z
Commits on Jun 21, 2012
  1. Bug 766018 - Null out the XPCWrappedNativeScope slot when scopes are …

    bholley committed Jun 21, 2012
    …deleted on shutdown. r=peterv a=lsblakk
Commits on Jun 11, 2012
  1. bug 761655 - Support for multiple X-Frame-Options policies (multiple …

    Sid Stamm
    Sid Stamm committed Jun 11, 2012
    …headers or comma in header value). r=jst a=lsblakk
Commits on Jun 7, 2012
  1. Bug 764181. Keep the output of the TRC between 0 and 1. r=bgirard,a=l…

    jrmuizel committed Jun 7, 2012
    Section 10.16: The domain and range of each function shall be [0,0 1,0].
    Any function value outside the range shall be clipped to the range of the function.
Commits on May 10, 2012
  1. Bug 752759 - Get rid of excessive mFormAssistPopup.hide() calls in Pa…

    leibovic committed May 10, 2012
    …nZoomController. r=kats a=akeybl