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accessible Bug 1137714 - Make roleDescription nicer/correct/faster, r=marcoz
addon-sdk Bug 1134759 - Uplift the Add-on SDK to Firefox a=me
b2g Merge m-c into cypress
browser Merge m-c into cypress
build Merge m-c to fx-team a=merge CLOSED TREE
caps Bug 1087646 - Properly serialize nullprincipal URIs across IPC. r=bzb…
chrome Bug 1119005 - No need to branch on NewChannelinternal callsites anymo…
config Bug 1132771 - Define some bug components; r=glandium
content Remove testcase for bug 894137 because it causes assertions in other …
db/sqlite3 Bug 1127899 - Upgrade to SQLite, r=mak.
docshell Bug 1108382 - Part 5: Do not use non-standard flag argument of String…
dom Merge m-c into cypress
embedding Backed out 7 changesets (bug 1075670) for causing bug 1139010.
extensions Bug 1136065 - Remove GetRangeCount() in Selection.h. r=ehsan
gfx Bug 1131638 - Discard DXVA frames that don't complete YUV->RGB conver…
hal Bug 1119277 - Remove the process CPU priority parameter and simplify …
image Bug 1136388. Change nsIDocumentLoaderFactory and nsIURIContentListene…
intl Backed out changeset 8eef92e67922 (bug 1128033) for causing Bug 1135858.
ipc Merge m-c to fx-team a=merge CLOSED TREE
js Bug 1137336 - Explicitly disallow WeakMapTracer.callback from GCing, …
layout Backed out 7 changesets (bug 1075670) for causing bug 1139010.
media Bug 1136004 - Fix -Wthread-safety-analysis warning in webrtc. r=jesup
mfbt Bug 1131783 - Optimize away null checks in non-POD Vectors too r=waldo
mobile Bug 1123431 - Use case-insensitive search for filtering passwords on …
modules Bug 1093983 - Disable type ANY request in DNS used to get TTL on Wind…
mozglue Bug 1132663 - Part 2: Block rndlnpshimswf.dll and rndlmainbrowserreco…
netwerk merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
nsprpub Bug 1124903 - Update to NSPR 4.10.8 final (not beta), r=wtc
other-licenses Bug 1090535 - Add Windows Firewall whitelist entry. r=bbondy
parser bug 1133075 - add more MOZ_OVERRIDE r=froydnj, waldo, jrmuizel
probes Bug 1041795 - Disable system libs when generating DTrace probes. f=sf…
python Bug 1119365 - Implement |mach ide| for mobile/android and IntelliJ/An…
rdf Bug 1131901 (part 1) - Make PL_DHashTableAdd() infallible by default,…
security Merge inbound to m-c a=merge
services Merge m-c to fx-team a=merge CLOSED TREE
startupcache Bug 1110031 - Part 1: Mark more directories as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=gps
storage Bug 963921 - Clients of the JS API should use JS_DefineElement where …
testing merge fx-team to mozilla-central a=merge
toolkit Merge m-c into cypress
tools Bug 1130367 - Ensure profiler stack sampling is disabled when spsProf…
uriloader Bug 1034728 - Remove LOAD_CHECK_OFFLINE_CACHE flag from offline cache…
view Bug 1129774. Part 6: Remove aContext parameter from nsIWidget::Create…
webapprt Bug 1127339 - Move SSLv3 detection out of aboutNetError.xhtml. r=gijs
widget Backed out 7 changesets (bug 1075670) for causing bug 1139010.
xpcom Bug 1138770 - Make memory reporters that have been stashed for testin…
xpfe Backed out 7 changesets (bug 1075670) for causing bug 1139010.
xulrunner Bug 1137060 - Set _RESPATH for OSX xulrunner; r=glandium
.clang-format Bug 965120 - Use .clang-format to set tree default format; r=gps
.gitignore Bug 1098239 - Rewrite mobile/android Gradle integration. r=me
.hgignore Bug 1098239 - Rewrite mobile/android Gradle integration. r=me
.hgtags No bug - Tagging mozilla-central 98086da94ccd with FIREFOX_AURORA_38_…
AUTHORS Bug 1119560 - remove unused* prefs. r=g… Bug 794297: Block the android build system from looking in mozilla-ce…
GNUmakefile Bug 794723 - Add a default makefile which wraps mach. r=gps
LEGAL Bug 346391 - remove extraneous whitespace. Patch by Matt Nordhoff.
LICENSE Bug 547914 - Replace /LICENSE with a mention of where the canonical l… bug 1135700 - make uploadsymbols use Socorro symbol upload API. r=gps
README.txt Bug 1130683 - Use stable owner name which will never fail r=garndt
aclocal.m4 Bug 1117068 - Part b: Remove checks for GCC PR 39608; r=mshal Bug 1082323 - Reject pymake in r=mshal Bug 988724: Remove webidl updating bits from that are long … Merge b2g-inbound to m-c a=merge
mach Bug 1043144 - Don't write machc bytecode file; r=mshal Bug 1132771 - Define some bug components; r=glandium Bug 1128413, Part 4: Fix warnings in mozilla-config.h and gcc-stl-wra…


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