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Latest commit 5d8fd4e @KershawChang KershawChang [PATCH 4/4] Move PJavaScript
From a3b010045724148307d49d854db8104e7178e07f Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
 dom/ipc/ContentBridgeParent.cpp | 2 +-
 dom/ipc/PContentBridge.ipdl     | 4 ++--
 2 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
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accessible bug 1210803 - expose the selection interface on proxied accessibles r…
addon-sdk Bug 1195735, r=zer0
b2g Merge m-c to inbound, a=merge
browser Bug 1202040 - Intermittent browser_newtab_bug1194895.js | This test e…
build Bug 1208814 - Part 1: Add an analysis to prevent default copy constru…
caps Bug 1208756 - Tests. r=billm
chrome Bug 1207499 - Part 2: Remove use of expression closure from chrome/. …
config Bug 1209606 - Limit using source searchplugin files directly to `mach…
db/sqlite3 Bug 1209875 - Get rid of XULPPFLAGS. r=gps
devtools Merge m-c to mozilla-inbound
docshell [PATCH 1/2] disable some tests
dom [PATCH 4/4] Move PJavaScript
editor [PATCH 1/2] disable some tests
embedding [PATCH 1/2] disable some tests
extensions Bug 1195492 - Remove the backup moz_hosts table and the moz_hosts_is_…
gfx [PATCH 1/2] disable some tests
hal Bug 1172740 - Implement Android HAL backend for alarms. r=snorp
image Bug 1207378 - Add FrameRect to non-skia version of BeginFrame. r=seth
intl Bug 1207030 - Enable -Wshadow flag in more directories that have no -…
ipc Bug 1167100 - User originAttribute in ContentPrincipalInfo. r=bholley
js [PATCH 1/2] disable some tests
layout [PATCH 1/2] disable some tests
media Merge m-c to mozilla-inbound
memory Bug 1209875 - Get rid of XULPPFLAGS. r=gps
mfbt Bug 1208357 - Fix -Wshadow warnings in mfbt/decimal. r=Ms2ger sr=Waldo
mobile Merge f-t to m-c, a=merge
modules bug 1207298 - update brotli library r=jfkthame
mozglue Bug 1207030 - Enable -Wshadow flag in more directories that have no -…
netwerk Bug 1208756 - Introduce URI_FETCHABLE_BY_ANYONE and use it for moz-ex…
nsprpub Bug 1191269, set NSPR version to final tag, no code change, DONTBUILD
other-licenses bug 1198226 - Move HOST_{C,CXX}FLAGS to HOST_{CFLAGS,CXXFLA…
parser [PATCH 1/2] disable some tests
probes Bug 1041795 - Disable system libs when generating DTrace probes. f=sf…
python merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
rdf Bug 1205148 - Fix and disallow warnings in rdf/datasource/. r=froydnj.
security [PATCH 1/2] disable some tests
services Bug 967873 - Proxy nsDocumentViewer::PermitUnload to the child proces…
startupcache Bug 1201135 - Rename pldhash.{h,cpp} to PLDHashTable.{h,cpp}. r=mccr8.
storage Bug 1194023 - Part 2: Only check for sort operations if mozStorage lo…
testing [PATCH 2/2] enable nested_oop
toolkit [PATCH 1/2] disable some tests
tools Backed out changeset 8f489e406701 (bug 822135) for m(dt) failures CLO…
uriloader Bug 1199295 - Pass right loadingPrincipal to uriloader/prefetch (r=ma…
view Bug 895274 part.143 Rename NS_PLUGIN_INPUT_EVENT to ePluginInputEvent…
webapprt Bug 1210611 - Globally define MOZILLA_OFFICIAL. r=glandium
widget Bug 1210189 - Use nsScreenGonk in nsWindow::StartRemoteDrawing() r=mwu
xpcom Bug 1207368 - Use swap() instead of forget() to remove MessageElement…
xpfe Bug 1209621 - Add a way to get the TabParent for the content-primary …
xulrunner Bug 1207030 - Enable -Wshadow flag in more directories that have no -…
.clang-format Bug 961541 - Make Clang-Format ignore all comments. r=mystor
.clang-format-ignore Bug 967361 - Fix .clang-format-ignore on Windows. r=gps
.eslintrc Bug 1203520 - We need a DevTools ESLint plugin containing our ruleset…
.gdbinit Backed out changeset 047d21f101de (bug 846018)
.gitignore Bug 1203520 - We need a DevTools ESLint plugin containing our ruleset…
.hgignore Bug 1203520 - We need a DevTools ESLint plugin containing our ruleset…
.hgtags No bug - Tagging mozilla-central fcef8ded82219c89298b4e376cfbdfba79a1…
.lldbinit Bug 960300 - Put a .lldbinit in the objdir and in dist/bin/, which lo… Bug 1162714 - Don't let YCM generate machc. r=ehsan
AUTHORS Bug 992096 - Implement Sub Resource Integrity [1/2]. r=baku,r=ckerschb Bug 794297: Block the android build system from looking in mozilla-ce…
CLOBBER Backout bug 1182727 - Part 13 for the intermittent build failures, al…
GNUmakefile Bug 794723 - Add a default makefile which wraps mach. r=gps
LEGAL Bug 346391 - remove extraneous whitespace. Patch by Matt Nordhoff.
LICENSE Bug 547914 - Replace /LICENSE with a mention of where the canonical l… Bug 1209403 - Build xpidl stuff in the faster make backend. r=gps
README.txt No bug, Update README.txt for ftp changes, r=bustage-check CLOSED TREE
aclocal.m4 Bug 1203857 - Allow to build standalone js against jemalloc4. r=gps Fixup for bug 1188766 for valgrind bustage on a CLOSED TREE. r=me Bug 988724: Remove webidl updating bits from that are long … Bug 1210611 - Globally define MOZILLA_OFFICIAL. r=glandium
mach Bug 1058923 - Package mach in; create bootstrap script for … Bug 1134110 - other-license/android is unnecessary if Android minimum… Bug 1167474 - Remove ELFHACK_BUILD hack. r=mshal


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