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accessible m-c merge
addon-sdk Bug 1181747 followup. Also need to adjust the assert in the test.
b2g Bug 1134106 - do not use touch video controls in Graphene. r=fabrice
browser m-c merge
build Bug 1187662 - Add the -v option to valgrind when running valgrind-tes…
caps Bug 1161831 - Tests. r=billm
chrome Bug 1161831 - Factor the sharable bits out of nsIResProtocolHandler. …
config Bug 1177608: Support for compiling optimised Rust code
db/sqlite3 Bug 1185616 - remove optimization-related hacks in sqlite's Makefile.…
docshell Bug 1148593 - Create async stack in callback objects. r=bz, r=fitzgen
dom m-c merge
editor Bug 1172382 - Disable AccessibleCaret on some tests. r=roc
embedding Bug 1176077 - Only recompute PaintedLayer item visibility when displa…
extensions Bug 1185239 - Test migration logic in the non-presence of a nsINavHis…
gfx m-c merge
hal Bug 1184285 - Stop warning if RemoveObserver() is called for unregist…
image m-c merge
intl Bug 1175413 - Cleanup usages of MOZ_ICU_CFLAGS. r=mshal
ipc Backed out changeset b2d0e28fe539 (bug 1185639) test_plugin_focus.htm…
js m-c merge
layout m-c merge
media Bug 1185115 - Ensure we have enough memory to allocate required capac…
memory Bug 1182996 - Fix and add missing namespace comments. rs=ehsan
mfbt Bug 1185706 - support Tie() for mozilla::Pair. r=froydnj
mobile m-c merge
modules m-c merge
mozglue Bug 1170141 - Block RealNetworks Browser Record Plugin due to startup…
netwerk m-c merge
nsprpub Bug 1162780 - Update NSPR to NSPR_4_10_9_BETA2. r=ted
other-licenses Bug 1182996 - Fix and add missing namespace comments. rs=ehsan
parser Bug 1181965. Remove uses of mozRequestAnimationFrame from dom and par…
probes Bug 1041795 - Disable system libs when generating DTrace probes. f=sf…
python Bug 1126228 - Directory (--directory) argument for |mach warnings-lis…
rdf Bug 1179071 - Merge RemovingIterator into Iterator. r=froydnj.
security bug 1179660 - define 'now' as the first second of the current year fo…
services m-c merge
startupcache Bug 1182996 - Fix and add missing namespace comments. rs=ehsan
storage Bug 1184564 part 2 - Use Value instead of jsval in dom/ and storage/.…
testing Merge inbound to m-c. a=merge
toolkit m-c merge
tools Merge fx-team to central, a=merge
uriloader Bug 1143922 - Add AsyncOpen2 to nsIChannel and perform security check…
view Bug 1157941 - If the current PresShell is suppressed, paint the old o…
webapprt Bug 1185637 - part 1 - move APP_VERSION defines into; r=gla…
widget m-c merge
xpcom m-c merge
xpfe Bug 1182316: Part 1 - Remove FORWARD_TO_INNER_OR_THROW. r=peterv
xulrunner Bug 1181040 - Include mozconfig.cache after mozconfig.common.override…
.clang-format Bug 961541 - Make Clang-Format ignore all comments. r=mystor
.clang-format-ignore Bug 967361 - Fix .clang-format-ignore on Windows. r=gps
.gdbinit Backed out changeset 047d21f101de (bug 846018)
.gitignore No bug; add .pdb to gitignore
.hgignore Bug 1186963 - Ignore files generated by running a Mozharness script. …
.hgtags No bug - Tagging mozilla-central 312c68b16549 with FIREFOX_AURORA_41_…
.lldbinit Bug 960300 - Put a .lldbinit in the objdir and in dist/bin/, which lo… Bug 1162714 - Don't let YCM generate machc. r=ehsan
AUTHORS Bug 1119560 - remove unused* prefs. r=g… Bug 794297: Block the android build system from looking in mozilla-ce…
GNUmakefile Bug 794723 - Add a default makefile which wraps mach. r=gps
LEGAL Bug 346391 - remove extraneous whitespace. Patch by Matt Nordhoff.
LICENSE Bug 547914 - Replace /LICENSE with a mention of where the canonical l… bug 1168535 - print error response body in r=gps
README.txt added mention to README.txt, pushing to a CLOSED …
aclocal.m4 bug 1163828 - build system changes to support building for iOS. r=gla… Bug 1176533 - Rename the variable MOZ_APP_VERSION_ABOUT for something… Bug 988724: Remove webidl updating bits from that are long … m-c merge
mach Bug 1058923 - Package mach in; create bootstrap script for … Bug 1134110 - other-license/android is unnecessary if Android minimum… Bug 1167474 - Remove ELFHACK_BUILD hack. r=mshal


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