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accessible m-c merge
addon-sdk Bug 1150855 - Remove uses of the curly syntax. r=jaws
b2g m-c merge
browser m-c merge
build Bug 1165733 - Avoid evaluating empty $ANDROID_VERSION in condition wh…
caps Bug 1129999 - Implement CSP devtool using GCLI; CSP to JSON (r=sstamm…
chrome Bug 1157835: Remove the MSVC_ENABLE_PGO flag from the build system. r…
config Bug 1165442: Fix LIBPATH for NSS after bug 1138824. r=glandium
content Bug 1138442 - Disable reftests on Mulet in parity with B2G/B2G Deskto…
db/sqlite3 Backed out changeset 6435d5aab611 (bug 858680)
docshell Merge m-c to fx-team. a=merge
dom Merge b-i to m-c, a=merge
editor Bug 1166932 - Part 1: Copy the editor observers array before iteratin…
embedding Bug 1166598 (part 3) - Use PLDHashTable2 in nsCommandParams. r=froydnj.
extensions Bug 1167053 - Convert NetUtil.newChannel2 callsites to use new API - …
gfx m-c merge
hal Bug 1167535 - Fix fanotify 4g size limit. r=fabrice
image Merge inbound to m-c. a=merge
intl Bug 948466: Rename gfxPangoFonts to gfxFontconfigFonts. r=nical
ipc Bug 1167396 - Make ProtocolCloneContext::mContentParent a smart point…
js Bug 1166950 - Only give constructor functions a prototype. r=efaust
layout Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1155493) for Android test_browserElement…
media Bug 1166183 - Reset PipelineListener's flag after ReplaceTrack(). r=bwc
mfbt Bug 1147766 - Part 1: Add a mozilla::RangedArray class, for fixed len…
mobile m-c merge
modules m-c merge
mozglue Bug 1160485 - remove implicit conversion from RefPtr<T> to TemporaryR…
netwerk Bug 1166598 (part 8) - Use PLDHashTable2 in nsHostResolver. r=froydnj.
nsprpub Bug 856404 - Don't default HOST_* variables to target ones when cross…
other-licenses Bug 1128143 - Add ATK roles for MathML fractions and roots, r=surkov
parser Bug 1067325 - Control syntax highlighting via a class. r=hsivonen
probes Bug 1041795 - Disable system libs when generating DTrace probes. f=sf…
profile Bug 1039866 - Rip out a bunch of metro-only code. r=jimm,gavin,rstrong
python Bug 1117958 - Allow any debugging options to the run or gtest mach su…
rdf Bug 1166598 (part 5) - Use PLDHashTable2 in InMemoryDataSource. r=fro…
security Merge m-i to m-c, a=merge
services m-c merge
startupcache Bug 1163719 - Store startup cache entries in loading order; r=nfroyd
storage Backed out changeset 6435d5aab611 (bug 858680)
testing No bug update mozharness.json to 12ce04f3ec51
toolkit m-c merge
tools Merge mozilla-central to fx-team
uriloader Bug 1165515 - Part 1: Convert PR_LOG to MOZ_LOG. r=froydnj
view Bug 1159772. Don't let nsContainerFrame::SyncWindowProperties make wi…
webapprt Bug 1166840 - Remove unused document argument in uses of nsIClipboard…
widget Back out 4 changesets (bug 1167022) for reftest-e10s bustage
xpcom Bug 1166598 (part 6) - Clean up nsStaticCaseInsensitiveNameTable. r=f…
xpfe Bug 1155963 Only allow NS_LITERAL_CSTRING to be used on compile-time …
xulrunner Bug 786520 - Install things to $(DIST)/branding from instea…
.clang-format Bug 965120 - Use .clang-format to set tree default format; r=gps
.clang-format-ignore Bug 967361 - Fix .clang-format-ignore on Windows. r=gps
.gdbinit Backed out changeset 047d21f101de (bug 846018)
.gitignore No bug; add .pdb to gitignore
.hgignore Bug 1105490 - Remove old ToS generation code from Loop Standalone. r-…
.hgtags No bug - Tagging mozilla-central 66a95a483d2c with FIREFOX_AURORA_40_…
.lldbinit Bug 960300 - Put a .lldbinit in the objdir and in dist/bin/, which lo… Bug 1162714 - Don't let YCM generate machc. r=ehsan
AUTHORS Bug 1119560 - remove unused* prefs. r=g… Bug 794297: Block the android build system from looking in mozilla-ce…
CLOBBER Bug 1166031 - Update NSS to NSS_3_19_1_BETA1. r=mt
GNUmakefile Bug 794723 - Add a default makefile which wraps mach. r=gps
LEGAL Bug 346391 - remove extraneous whitespace. Patch by Matt Nordhoff.
LICENSE Bug 547914 - Replace /LICENSE with a mention of where the canonical l… Bug 924187 - Deal with interfaces.manifest from the backend. r=mshal
README.txt added mention to README.txt, pushing to a CLOSED …
aclocal.m4 Bug 1117068 - Part b: Remove checks for GCC PR 39608; r=mshal Bug 1077622 - Fixes cp missing operand message if no .mozconfig found… Bug 988724: Remove webidl updating bits from that are long … m-c merge
mach Bug 1058923 - Package mach in; create bootstrap script for … Bug 1134110 - other-license/android is unnecessary if Android minimum… Bug 1128413, Part 4: Fix warnings in mozilla-config.h and gcc-stl-wra…


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