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This repository is synced from and should be read-only. It is intended to be used with gecko-dev. For instance, to add the 'alder' branch to your local repository:

git clone
cd gecko-dev
# Add a new 'projects' remote
git remote add projects
# Add a new branch from gecko-projects.  For this example, let's say 'alder'.
# Set the list of branches we care about; this will discard any previous branches
git remote set-branches projects $BRANCH
# To append to the list, use --add:
#     git remote set-branches --add projects $BRANCH
git fetch projects
git checkout $BRANCH

Since the mercurial repositories being synced have less strict rules, there is a higher likelihood of a commit that may cause sync issues. Mozilla Release Engineering reserves the right to reset this repo and resync at any point, should it become necessary.

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