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Commits on Apr 12, 2019
  1. Bug 1543895 - Move test-platform keying of fetches in tests to indivi…

    glandium committed Apr 12, 2019
    …dual fetch types. r=tomprince
    So, instead of fetches['by-test-platform']['fetch'], we have
    Differential Revision:
  2. Bug 1543555 - Stop using our linker to resolve libc/libm symbols when…

    glandium committed Apr 12, 2019
    … not strictly necessary. r=froydnj
    Differential Revision:
  3. Bug 1543915 - Move installer_url and test_packages_url to EXTRA_MOZHA…

    glandium committed Apr 12, 2019
    …RNESS_CONFIG. r=tomprince
    This allows to stop using task-reference for mozharness_test commands.
    Differential Revision:
Commits on Apr 11, 2019
  1. Bug 1543595 - Enable linux64-aarch64 builds. r=froydnj

    glandium committed Apr 11, 2019
    While we don't have an actual need for those builds at the moment, there
    is work in progress to get fuzzing builds for aarch64, and as the
    previous change showed, the build were busted by other changes since
    they were put in place. So we might as well enable them, so as to be
    aware of bustage when it happens rather than while working on getting
    the fuzzing builds up.
    Depends on D27035
    Differential Revision:
  2. Bug 1543595 - Add missing aarch64 target to the rust 1.33 toolchain. …

    glandium committed Apr 11, 2019
    I must have written the rust 1.33 patch before I landed the
    linux64-aarch64 patches, so when that landed, it lacked the aarch64
    target. (it's still there on the rust 1.32 toolchain)
    Differential Revision:
  3. Bug 1541823 - Derive the fetch docker image from debian9-raw rather t…

    glandium committed Apr 4, 2019
    …han debian9-base. r=dustin
    This will make the image smaller, and will make it happen earlier in
    cases its dependencies need to be rebuilt.
    Differential Revision:
  4. Bug 1543009 - Change Windows DHCP client test component registration.…

    glandium committed Apr 11, 2019
    … r=kmag
    - Use RegisterFactory instead of RegisterModule,
    - Use a different CID than the real module.
    Differential Revision:
Commits on Apr 9, 2019
  1. Bug 1537644 - Avoid using link.exe during configure. r=chmanchester

    glandium committed Apr 9, 2019
    Interestingly, the change makes one configure test have a different
    result (localeconv ends up being found when it used not to be found),
    but the result of that check is actually not used on Windows because we
    set HAVE_LOCALECONV manually.
    Differential Revision:
  2. Bug 1542214 - Prevent registering the same CID and contract IDs durin…

    glandium committed Apr 9, 2019
    …g component manager initialization. r=froydnj
    Because not all static components are using the static registration yet,
    we can end up in situations where a same component is registered
    multiple times, which can have some unexpected consequences.
    Interestingly enough, this change revealed that we did have static
    registration in place for components that were kept under the old system
    after bug 1478124 and bug 1524687.
    There are also possibly some non-obvious things that can happen while
    migrating the remaining components, like what happened to me while I
    worked on;1 (see bug 1542214 comment 0).
    Differential Revision:
  3. Bug 1542996 - Remove duplicate component registration. r=kmag

    glandium committed Apr 9, 2019
    Bug 1478124 and bug 1524687 converted many things to static xpcom
    component registration, but somehow left the corresponding C++
    Differential Revision:
Commits on Apr 5, 2019
  1. Bug 1541792 - Replace linker magic with manual component registration…

    glandium committed Apr 5, 2019
    …. r=froydnj
    Before bug 938437, we had a rather large and error-prone
    nsStaticXULComponents.cpp used to register all modules. That was
    replaced with clever use of the linker, which allowed to avoid the mess
    that maintaining that file was.
    Fast forward to now, where after bug 1524687 and other work that
    preceded it, we have a much smaller number of remaining static xpcom
    components, registered via this linker hack, and don't expect to add
    any new ones. The list should eventually go down to zero.
    Within that context, it seems to be the right time to get rid of the
    magic, and with it the problems it causes on its own.
    Some of those components could probably be trivially be converted to
    static registration via .conf files, but I didn't want to deal with the
    possible need to increase the number of dummy modules in XPCOMInit.cpp.
    They can still be converted as a followup.
    Differential Revision:
  2. Bug 1541755 - Remove NSMODULE_DEFN in TestPACMan.cpp. r=mayhemer

    glandium committed Apr 5, 2019
    The module is manually registered through the component manager in
    the gtest setup anyways.
    Differential Revision:
Commits on Apr 4, 2019
  1. Bug 1541821 - Update debian7 docker images for CVE-2019-3462. r=tompr…

    glandium committed Apr 4, 2019
    This imports the changes from wheezy-lts (
    and creates a package we install in the debian7-based images (with a
    modified version number to work around bug #1419577.
    This leaves out debian7-raw and debian7-packages as unpatched, because
    of the chicken-and-egg problem.
    Depends on D26100
    Differential Revision:
  2. Bug 1541821 - Ensure docker images using are up-to-…

    glandium committed Apr 4, 2019
    …date wrt the packages provided there. r=tomprince
    When docker images use, they add apt sources. While we
    currently do run apt-get update to pick those new sources, if a package
    provided by them is already installed and not explicitly listed in
    subsequent apt-get install, they're not going to be upgraded.
    Differential Revision:
Commits on Apr 3, 2019
  1. Bug 1541329 - Remove useless localeconv check. r=froydnj

    glandium committed Apr 3, 2019
    There is already a AC_HAVE_FUNC(localeconv) in js/src/
    on non-Windows, and on Windows, HAVE_LOCALECONV is always set.
    Differential Revision:
Commits on Apr 2, 2019
  1. Followup for bug 1538060 - Unbust OSX ccov builds. r=me,a=CristianB

    glandium committed Apr 2, 2019
    We rename the gcov_flush patch to force a rebuild of clang with the
    updated patch.
  2. Bug 1540788 - Make mach bootstrap choose arm target depending on the …

    glandium committed Apr 2, 2019
    …rust version. r=nalexander
    Bootstrap is happy with rust version 1.32, but that version of rust
    doesn't support the thumbv7neon target that we're trying to install
    since bug 1539005. So install the armv7 target when rust is version
    Differential Revision:
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