@AutomatedTester AutomatedTester released this Oct 10, 2016 · 44 commits to master since this release


  • Introduced continous integration builds for Linux- and Windows 32-bit binaries
  • Added commands for setting- and getting the window position
  • Added new extension commands for finding an element’s anonymous children and querying its attributes; accessible through the /session/{sessionId}/moz/xbl/{elementId}/anonymous_children to return all anonymous children and /session/{sessionId}/moz/xbl/{elementId}/anonymous_by_attribute to return an anonymous element by a name and attribute query
  • Introduced a moz:firefoxOptions capability to customise a Firefox session:
    • The binary, args, and profile entries on this dictionary is equivalent to the old firefox_binary, firefox_args, and firefox_profile capabilities, which have now all been removed
    • The log capability takes a dictionary such as {log: "trace"} to enable trace level verbosity in Gecko
    • The prefs capability lets you define Firefox preferences through capabilities
  • Re-introduced the --webdriver-port argument as a hidden alias to --port


  • firefox_binary, firefox_args, and firefox_profile capabilities removed in favour of the moz:firefoxOptions dictionary detailed above and in the README
  • Removed --no-e10s flag, and geckodriver will from now rely on the Firefox default multiprocessing settings (override using preferences)
  • Disable pop-up blocker in the default profile by @juangj
  • Changed Rust compiler version to 1.12 (beta) temporarily because of trouble linking Musl binaries
  • Replaced env_logger logging facility with the slog package, causing the RUST_LOG environment variable to no longer have any affect
  • Updated the WebDriver Rust library to version 0.15.


  • Corrected link to repository in Cargo metadata
  • Verbosity shorthand flag -v[v] now works again, following the replacement of the argument parsing library in the previous release
  • When the HTTPD fails to start, errors are propagated to the user
  • Disabled the additional welcome URL (startup.homepage_welcome_url.additional) so that officially branded Firefox builds do not start with two open tabs in fresh profiles
  • Disabled homepage override URL redirection on milestone upgrades, which means a tab with an upgrade notice is not displayed when launching a new Firefox version