@AutomatedTester AutomatedTester released this Apr 21, 2017 · 34 commits to master since this release

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Note that geckodriver v0.16.0 is only compatible with Selenium 3.4 and greater.



  • Removed following list of unused endpoints:
    • GET /session/{session id}/alert_text
    • POST /session/{session id}/alert_text
    • POST /session/{session id}/accept_alert
    • POST /session/{session id}/dismiss_alert
    • GET /session/{session id}/window_handle
    • DELETE /session/{session id}/window_handle
    • POST /session/{session id}/execute_async
    • POST /session/{session id}/execute


  • SendKeysParameters, which is used for the Element Send Keys and Send Alert Text commands, has been updated to take a string text field
  • CookieResponse and CloseWindowResponse fixed to be properly wrapped in a value field, like other responses
  • Allow negative numbers for x and y fields in pointerMove action
  • Disable Flash and the plugin container in Firefox by default, which should help mitigate the “Plugin Container for Firefox has stopped wroking” problems many users were reporting when deleting a session
  • Preferences passed in a profile now take precedence over set of default preferences defined by geckodriver (fixed by @DrMarcII)
    • The exceptions are the marionette.port and marionette.log.level preferences and their fallbacks, which are set unconditionally and cannot be overriden
  • Remove default preference that disables unsafe CPOW checks
  • WebDriver library updated to 0.25.2


  • Fix for the “corrupt deflate stream” exception that sometimes occured when trying to write an empty profile by @kirhgoph
  • Recognise sslProxy and sslProxyPort entries in the proxy configuration object (fixed by @juangj)
  • Fix “httpProxyPort was not an integer” error (fixed by @juangj)
  • Fix broken unmarshaling of Get Timeouts response format from Firefox 52 and earlier (fixed by @juangj)
  • Allow preferences in moz:firefoxOptions to be both positive- and negative integers (fixed by @juangj)
  • Allow IPv6 hostnames in the proxy configuration object
  • i686-unknown-linux-musl (Linux 32-bit) build fixed
  • Log messages from other Rust modules are now ignored
  • Improved log messages to the HTTPD