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@andreastt andreastt released this Jul 11, 2017 · 27 commits to master since this release


  • RectResponse permits returning floats for width and height fields
  • New type CookieResponse for the GetNamedCookie command returns a single cookie, as opposed to an array of a single cookie
  • To pick up a prepared profile from the filesystem, it is now possible to pass ["-profile", "/path/to/profile"] in the args array on moz:firefoxOptions
  • geckodriver now recommends Firefox 53 and greater
  • Version information (--version) contains the hash from from the commit used to build geckodriver
  • geckodriver version logged on startup
  • webdriver crate upgraded to version 0.27.0
  • mozrunner crate upgraded to version 0.4.1


  • The SetTimeouts command maps to the Marionette setTimeouts command, which makes geckodriver compatible with Firefox 56 and greater
  • Linux x86 (i686-unknown-linux-musl) builds are fixed
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