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@AutomatedTester AutomatedTester released this 15 Jun 20:57
· 32 commits to master since this release

Note that with this release of geckodriver the minimum recommended
Firefox and Selenium versions have changed:

  • Firefox 57 (and greater)
  • Selenium 3.11 (and greater)


  • Support for the chrome element identifier from Firefox.

  • The unhandledPromptBehavior capability now accepts accept and notify, dismiss and notify, and ignore options.

    Note that the unhandled prompt handler is not fully supported in
    Firefox at the time of writing.


  • Firefox will now be started with the -foreground and -no-remote
    flags if they have not already been specified by the user in

    -foreground will ensure the application window gets focus when
    Firefox is started, and -no-remote will prevent remote commands
    to this instance of Firefox and also ensure we always start a new

  • WebDriver commands that do not have a return value now correctly
    return {value: null} instead of an empty dictionary.

  • The HTTP server now accepts Keep-Alive connections.

  • Firefox remote protocol command mappings updated.

    All Marionette commands changed to make use of the WebDriver:
    prefixes introduced with Firefox 56.

  • Overhaul of Firefox preferences.

    Already deprecated preferences in Firefox versions earlier than
    57 got removed.

  • webdriver crate upgraded to 0.36.0.


  • Force use of IPv4 network stack.

    On certain system configurations, where localhost resolves to
    an IPv6 address, geckodriver would attempt to connect to Firefox
    on the wrong IP stack, causing the connection attempt to time out
    after 60 seconds. We now ensure that geckodriver uses IPv4
    consistently to both connect to Firefox and for allocating a free

  • geckodriver failed to locate the correct Firefox binary if it was
    found under a firefox or firefox-bin directory, depending on
    the system, because it thought the parent directory was the

  • On Unix systems (macOS, Linux), geckodriver falsely reported
    non-executable files as valid binaries.

  • When stdout and stderr is redirected by geckodriver, a bug prevented
    the redirections from taking effect.