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@AutomatedTester AutomatedTester released this 28 Jan 15:12
· 30 commits to master since this release

This release contains a number of fixes for regressions introduced
in 0.22.0, where we shipped a significant refactoring to the way
geckodriver internally dealt with JSON serialisation.


  • The POST /session/{session id}/element/{element id}/tap endpoint
    was removed, thanks to Kerem Kat.



  • desiredCapabilities and requiredCapabilities are again
    recognised on session creation

    A regression in 0.22.0 caused geckodriver to recognise desired
    and required instead of the correct desiredCapabilities
    and requiredCapabilities. This will have caused significant
    problems for users who relied on this legacy Selenium-style
    session creation pattern.

    Do however note that support for Selenium-styled new session
    requests is temporary and that this will be removed sometime
    before the 1.0 release.

  • duration field made optional on pause actions

    A regression in 0.22.0 caused the pause action primitive to
    require a duration field. This has now been fixed so that
    pauses in action chains can be achieved with the default duration.

  • Log level formatted to expected Marionette input

    A regression in 0.22.0 caused the log level to be improperly
    formatted when using Firefox pre-releases. This is now fixed so
    that the requested log level is correctly interpreted by Marionette.

  • temporary field on addon installation made optional

    A regression in 0.22.0 caused the temporary field for POST
    /session/{session id}/moz/addon/install to be mandatory. This has
    now been fixed so that an addon is installed permanently by default.

  • SHA1s in version information uses limited number of characters

    The SHA1 used in --version when building geckodriver from a
    git repository is now limited to 12 characters, as it is when
    building from an hg checkout. This ensures reproducible builds.