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@whimboo whimboo released this 03 Nov 17:01
· 14 commits to release since this release

0.28.0 (2020-11-03, c00d2b6acd3f)

Known problems

  • macOS 10.15 (Catalina):

    Due to the requirement from Apple that all programs must be notarized, geckodriver will not work on Catalina if you manually download it through another notarized program, such as Firefox.

    Whilst we are working on a repackaging fix for this problem, you can find more details on how to work around this issue in the macOS notarization section of the documentation.

  • Android:

    Marionette will only be enabled in GeckoView based applications when the
    Firefox preference devtools.debugger.remote-enabled is set to True via
    moz:firefoxOptions. This will be fixed in the Firefox 90 release for Android.

    In some cases geckodriver could crash due to a stack overflow when handling
    certain device errors.

    On unrooted Android 10+ devices startup crashes of the application can be
    experienced due to an inappropriate location of test related files, e.g the
    profile folder.


  • The command line flag --android-storage has been added, to allow geckodriver to also control Firefox on root-less Android devices. See the documentation for available values.


  • Firefox can be started again via a shell script that is located outside of the Firefox directory on Linux.

  • If Firefox cannot be started by geckodriver the real underlying error message is now being reported.

  • Version numbers for minor and extended support releases of Firefox are now parsed correctly.


  • Since Firefox 72 extension commands for finding an element’s anonymous children and querying its attributes are no longer needed, and have been removed.