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Mozilla X-Ray goggles

This is a client-side (with small server component) application that hosts the Mozilla X-Ray Goggles library. It is dependent on having an [id.wmo] and [publish.wmo] end point to talk to for its user authentication and data publication functionality, respectively. The end point URLs can be set in the .env file used.

Getting up and running

In your Git directory (or whichever directory you want to place the goggles in), type:

$> git clone
$> cd
$> npm install
$> cp env.dist .env

Then any time you wish to (re)compile the library and run the Goggles server, type:

$> npm start

Environment variables

The following environment variables are important to change, if you want to use the goggles in an atypical enviroment (i.e. one where any of the services used or relied upon does not use the default supplied .env file)

PORT: the port the service will run on.
APP_HOSTNAME: the domain the service will be running on, port included.
HACKPUBURL: the domain the service will be running on, port included.
ID_WMO_URL: the URL for the service, port included.
ID_WMO_CLIENT_ID: the client identifier assigned to goggles by thje instance pointed to.
PUBLISH_WMO_URL: the URL for the service, port included.
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