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X-ray goggles on Node.js

This is a reboot of the xray goggles, so that it is served as a node app.

NOTE: This README assumes that you have all the required external dependencies installed and have a working dev environment. New to Webmaker? Make sure to read our developer guide for everything you need in order to get started!



Various scripts are present that will assist in migrating old data sets along with Node.js scripts to update old records.

  • migrations/09052013-add-makeid-column.sql

    • Used to add the makeid to the ThimbleProject data model. Using the script will depend on your SQL managing environment, but here's an example of using it in a commandline prompt:
      • mysql < migrations/09052013-add-makeid-column.sql - Assumes you have already done use <DB_NAME>
  • migrations/ThimbleProjectMigration.js

    • Used to retrieve the makeid for any ThimbleProject that has already been published to the MakeAPI. This only needs to be run once.
      • node migrations/ThimbleProjectMakeIDMigration.js will execute this script, assuming proper .env variables have already been setup (instructions above).
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