Rust tool to collect and aggregate code coverage data for multiple source files
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grcov collects and aggregates code coverage information for multiple source files.


  1. Download grcov from
  2. Run grcov:
You can specify one or more directories, separated by a space.
OUTPUT_TYPE can be one of:
 - (DEFAULT) ade for the ActiveData-ETL specific format;
 - lcov for the lcov INFO format;
 - coveralls for the Coveralls specific format.
SOURCE_ROOT is the root directory of the source files, required for the 'coveralls' format.
REPO_TOKEN is the repository token from Coveralls, required for the 'coveralls' format.

Let's see a few examples, assuming the source directory is ~/Documenti/mozilla-central and the build directory is ~/Documenti/mozilla-central/build.

LCOV output

grcov ~/Documenti/mozilla-central/build -t lcov >

As the LCOV output is compatible with lcov, genhtml can be used to generate a HTML summary of the code coverage:

genhtml -o report/ --show-details --highlight --ignore-errors source --legend

Coveralls/Codecov output

grcov ~/Documenti/FD/mozilla-central/build -t coveralls -s ~/Documenti/FD/mozilla-central --token YOUR_COVERALLS_TOKEN > coveralls.json

Build & Test

cargo build
# By default, the binary is generated in ./target/debug/grcov

To test the binary:

cargo test

Minimum requirements

  • GCC 4.9 or higher is required.