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Updated instructions for running local web server.
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This is a friendly HTML editor that uses [slowparse][] and [hacktionary][]
to provide ultra-friendly real-time help to novice webmakers.
+## How do I hack the framework?
+To get started, you'll need to get a local copy of this repository and you'll need a web server running on your computer.
+### Getting the code
+Download the source as a zip archive from this page, or use git to clone the reposotory.
+### Getting a web server
+You're OS might come with a web server that you can use (lucky you!). If not, there's a small web server in this repository that runs in node.js.
+1. Make sure you have a recent version of `node` installed (>=0.6). See [here]( for details on how to do this for your platform.
+2. Install package dependencies
+ npm install
+3. Install `jake` globally.
+ npm install -g jake
+4. Open a terminal, navigate to the top-level directory of your local repository. Run the web server.
+ jake serve
+5. Go to the following URL in your browser to view the examples. Be sure to use a recent version of Firefox or Chrome.
+ http://localhost:1337
## Updating CodeMirror
In the `codemirror2` directory is a mini-distribution of [CodeMirror][]

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