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Added support for more dynamically flipping between wsdls
Start deprecation of flushAll towards using the upstream API's name for the function
Require 'user' to provide a directory with the wsdls they need, because of the multiple versions of the upstream API.
Exposed some Pool and VirtualServer methods directly as first class methods.

gregswift added some commits Feb 1, 2013

Added Constants to library
Added a wsdl name cleaning function for consistency
extended init attributes
started storing attributes in private (_) namespace
moved basic work to methods
added SOAP 1.2 support TODO: doesn't seem to be working yet
Attempt to be able to change between WSDLs without creating a new instance
Toying with idea of changing the mapper functiosn to just use getattr override.  This looses dynamic wsdl loading capability though.
Added inline test when api is run directly.
revamped wsdl variable storage. Its an exposable datapoint so remove …
…the _ prefix, store the previous wsdl as a slightly hidden datapoint, but only after its changed
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