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This project is unmaintained and likely no longer works.

High Fidelity

High Fidelity is a Firefox OS Application for subscribing and listening to podcasts. It is built with ember-cli, using ember-data and localstorage for managing podcast data. Supporting other platforms/browsers, and implementing service workers are eventual design goals.

Developing Locally

If you'd like to contribute to this project, take a look at the open issues, or file new ones if you encounter a bug or have a feature request.

To get set up for local development, you will need the following things properly installed on your computer:


  • git clone <repository-url> this repository
  • change into the new directory
  • npm install
  • bower install

Running / Development

Code Generators

Make use of the many generators for code, try ember help generate for more details

Running Tests

  • ember test
  • ember test --server


  • ember build (development)

Further Reading / Useful Links


This program is free software; it is distributed under an MIT License.

Copyright (c) 2012-2014 Mozilla (Contributors).