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Bug 663572 Bulk Date Upload #2

merged 4 commits into from

2 participants

Michael Kelly Dave Dash
Michael Kelly

Adds a bulk date upload action and view for changing the dates of multiple snippets at once.

Dave Dash

we usually do URL reversing for URLs - it ensures that every URL is an actual one.

Also, this URL seems weird, we usually do _ in urls, not camelcase.

Dave Dash

Better specifiy what things your importing if you can. If it's a lot of things, you can:

from django import forms

and prefix things with forms.

Dave Dash

Run all your code thorugh before committing.

Dave Dash


Dave Dash

this doesn't fit in <80 chars on one line?

Dave Dash

This line is too long

Make use of python's awesomeness:


No concatenation symbols needed, just multiple strings next to each other are treated as one big string.

Dave Dash

you said "staff"

... no wait you said "member"


Would you suggest aliasing the import? I think it's clearer to not change the function name from what's in the django lib.

no I just thought it was funny.


I need to get less paranoid about code reviews. :P

Dave Dash

Full sentences require a . at the end.

Dave Dash

lots of style issues, go through this with and I've highlighted a few styly things.

I assume the code works :)

Dave Dash

This seems redundant, I gathered that it's Form classes since this is Django and it's caleld

Michael Kelly Osmose merged commit b75190d into from
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