A lightweight NodeJS app to provide redirect and proxy service, based on an included config file
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A simple node.js redirector and proxy application. Given a config file full of redirect and proxy mappings, this application will match incoming HOST headers and take the appropriate action by 301/302 redirecting or proxying.,ss

This is useful for redirecting www to root domains, redirecting old domains to new domains, proxying for SSL from non-SSL sources on AWS.


  • node.js (v0.10.28 preferred)
  • npm (comes with node.js)


  • mv ./config-json.dist to ./config.json
  • Update mappings for redirects/proxies based on your needs

As an example, if we wanted to setup a redirect to yourdomain.com from www.yourdomain.com, we would add the following block in config.json: "www.yourdomain.com": { "host": "http://yourdomain.com", "code": 301, "function": "redirect" }, (Note: The function setting can be either redirect or proxy)


Simply run: node ./bin/server.js


Author: JP Schneider (Github: jdotpz, jp@mozillafoundation.org) Bugs/Requests: https://www.github.com/mozilla/http_helper/issues

  • New Relic monitoring is written into this application. Simply provide your own newrelic.js or config settings and it will just work.

  • Messina is an amazing GELF log utility written by Brian Brennan (brianloveswords). To output to your own GELF facility, set the following env variables while running node.

export GRAYLOG_HOST="address.to_your_logging_server.com" #defaults to localhost export GRAYLOG_PORT=12201 #defaults to 12201 export GRAYLOG_FACILITY="httphelper-production" #defaults to openbadger export ENABLE_GELF_LOGS=true