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Merge pull request #13 from komola/bug/fixed-path

Fixed path in merge-po
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2 parents 5ee15a0 + 67ef509 commit 7d8a4f5f5a24b9ee6a5bb711e92b5c7c471d5345 @ozten ozten committed Dec 14, 2012
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4 bin/
@@ -26,8 +26,8 @@ if hash podebug >/dev/null; then
for catalog in messages; do
echo "Translating ${catalog}.po"
- podebug --rewrite=flipped -i locale/templates/LC_MESSAGES/${catalog}.pot\
- -o locale/db_LB/LC_MESSAGES/${catalog}.po
+ podebug --rewrite=flipped -i $1/templates/LC_MESSAGES/${catalog}.pot\
+ -o $1/db_LB/LC_MESSAGES/${catalog}.po
echo 'Skipping db-LB, install translate-toolkit if you want to have that up-to-date.'

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