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alembic Allow sending bluetoothBeacons in `v1/geosubmit` API and process them.
data Use subunits dataset to preserve smaller regions.
docker Use the exact mysql/redis versions as those used in production.
docs Simplify colander schemata.
ichnaea Update privacy notice to mention Bluetooth beacons.
requirements Update dependencies.
.bowerrc Setup css/js dependencies inside dockerfile.
.coveragerc Improve code coverage of omitted files.
.gitignore Revert docker dev container experiments.
.gitmodules Add in our own gh-pages branch as a submodule.
.travis.yml Test compatibility with Python 3.5.
CHANGES.rst Simplify colander schemata.
CONTRIBUTING.rst tweaks [skip ci]
LICENSE Add a bit more project metadata. Fix source dist release metadata.
Makefile Emit basic request metrics for region API, closes #476.
README.rst Accept and use Bluetooth networks in public HTTP APIs.
alembic.ini Use docker for development-only services.
bower.json Update dependencies. Start using intersphinx for docs and document a lot more code.
contribute.json tweaks [skip ci]
docker-compose.yml Adjust docker image namespace.
haproxy.cfg Let the haproxy example config match the production one more closely.
npm-shrinkwrap.json Update to npm version 3.
package.json Update to npm version 3. Update gunicorn and disable its own statsd support.
setup.cfg Fix source dist release metadata.
tox.ini Test compatibility with Python 3.5.



Ichnaea is an application that provides geolocation coordinates from other sources of data (Bluetooth, cell or WiFi networks, GeoIP, etc.).

For more information look at the full docs.

Please use our github tracker to report issues.


ichnaea is offered under the Apache License 2.0.

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