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alembic Remove unused api_key email/description columns.
docs tag
ichnaea vb
requirements Update datadog dependency.
.coveragerc Update to latest versions of alembic, cryptography and coverage.
.gitignore Add in our own gh-pages branch as a submodule.
.gitmodules Add in our own gh-pages branch as a submodule.
.travis.yml Give the build more time.
CHANGES.rst vb
CONTRIBUTING.rst Move docs away from readthedocs.
LICENSE Add a bit more project metadata. Fix source dist release metadata.
Makefile Update docs.
README.rst Move docs away from readthedocs.
alembic.ini Make the logging format a bit more consistent and include a timestamp.
bower.json Remove datatable fixedheader, since we use pagination now. Start using intersphinx for docs and document a lot more code.
contribute.json Move docs away from readthedocs.
haproxy.cfg Let the haproxy example config match the production one more closely.
location.ini Document the application ini file.
npm-shrinkwrap.json Update data tables and stats/regions page.
package.json Switch to using bower for CSS/JS dependency management. Move runtime related code into async/webapp sub-packages.
setup.cfg Fix source dist release metadata. Avoid the last absolute path in
tox.ini Setup basic Cython support and convert `geocalc.distance`.



Ichnaea is an application to provide geolocation coordinates from other sources of data (cell or WiFi networks, GeoIP, etc.).

See the full docs for more information.

Please use our github tracker to report issues.


ichnaea is offered under the Apache License 2.0.

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