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Enterprise Information Security

Infosec assists Mozillians in defining and operating security controls to ensure that data at Mozilla is protected consistently across the organization.

  • we help you define the risks around your services and data
  • we help projects design and implement security controls
  • we maintain a risk-based inventory of systems and their functional security controls to help Mozilla management determine where to invest in security measures
  • we develop a catalog of services and tools that help you appropriately secure your data
  • we respond to security investigations and incidents
  • we provide baseline practices and assist teams in defining their security standards


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Email us: infosec [at] For confidential information, encrypt your email using our public PGP key. Our full fingerprint is 0x85D77543B3D624B63CEA9E6DBC17301B491B3F21

For security incidents, file a bug in Bugzilla under the product/component investigation or incidents.

Our IRC channel is #infosec or #security at


  • Jeff Bryner [:jeff]
    • Guillaume Destuynder 🐦 💻 [:kang]
    • Gene Wood [:gene]
    • April King [:April]
    • Andrew Krug [:andrew]
    • Justin Dow [:jabba]
    • Jonathan Claudius [:claudijd]
    • Caglar Ulucenk [:Cag]
    • Tristan Weir [:weir]
      • Alicia Smith [:phrozyn]
      • Brandon Myers [:pwnbus]
      • Michal Purzynski [:michal`]
      • Zack Mullaly [:zack]