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from functools import wraps
from django import http
from django.conf import settings
from django.shortcuts import get_object_or_404, render
from django.views.decorators.cache import never_cache
import jingo
from product_details.version_compare import Version
from session_csrf import anonymous_csrf_exempt
from tower import ugettext as _
import input
from input.decorators import cache_page, forward_mobile
from input.urlresolvers import reverse
from feedback.forms import PraiseForm, IssueForm, IdeaForm
from feedback.models import Opinion
from feedback.utils import detect_language, ua_parse
def enforce_ua(f):
View decorator enforcing feedback from the right (latest beta, latest
release) users only.
Can be disabled with settings.ENFORCE_USER_AGENT = False.
def wrapped(request, *args, **kwargs):
# Validate User-Agent request header.
ua = request.META.get('HTTP_USER_AGENT', None)
parsed = ua_parse(ua)
if not parsed: # Unknown UA.
if request.method == 'GET':
return http.HttpResponseRedirect(
return http.HttpResponseBadRequest(
_('User-Agent request header must be set.'))
if not settings.ENFORCE_USER_AGENT:
return f(request, ua=ua, *args, **kwargs)
this_ver = Version(parsed['version'])
ref_ver = Version(parsed['browser'].min_version)
# Check for outdated release.
if this_ver < ref_ver:
return http.HttpResponseRedirect(reverse(''))
# If we made it here, it's a valid version.
return f(request, ua=ua, *args, **kwargs)
return wrapped
def feedback(request, ua):
"""Page to receive feedback under happy/sad/idea categories"""
initial = dict(url=request.REQUEST.get('url'))
if request.method == 'POST':
typ = int(request.POST.get('_type'))
if typ ==
form = PraiseForm(request.POST, auto_id='happy-%s')
elif typ ==
form = IssueForm(request.POST, auto_id='sad-%s')
form = IdeaForm(request.POST, auto_id='idea-%s')
if form.is_valid():
request.session['previous_opinion'] = save_opinion_from_form(
request, typ, ua, form)
url = reverse('thanks')
return http.HttpResponseRedirect(url)
forms = {'happy': (form if typ == else
PraiseForm(auto_id='happy-%s', initial=initial)),
'sad': (form if typ == else
IssueForm(auto_id='sad-%s', initial=initial)),
'idea': (form if typ == else
forms = {'happy': PraiseForm(auto_id='happy-%s', initial=initial),
'sad': IssueForm(auto_id='sad-%s', initial=initial),
'idea': IdeaForm(auto_id='idea-%s')}
template = 'feedback/%sindex.html' % (
'mobile/' if request.mobile_site else '')
return render(request, template, {'forms': forms})
def download(request):
"""Encourage people to download a current version."""
template = 'feedback/%sdownload.html' % (
'mobile/' if request.mobile_site else '')
return jingo.render(request, template)
def thanks(request):
"""Thank you for your feedback."""
previous_opinion = request.session['previous_opinion']
except KeyError:
previous_opinion = None
template = 'feedback/%sthanks.html' % (
'mobile/' if request.mobile_site else '')
return jingo.render(request, template, {'opinion': previous_opinion})
def opinion_detail(request, id):
o = get_object_or_404(Opinion, pk=id, _type__in=input.OPINION_TYPES.keys())
if not request.mobile_site:
template = 'feedback/opinion.html'
template = 'feedback/mobile/opinion.html'
return jingo.render(request, template, {'opinion': o})
def save_opinion_from_form(request, type, ua, form):
"""Given a (valid) form and feedback type, save it to the DB."""
locale = detect_language(request)
if type not in input.OPINION_TYPES:
raise ValueError('Unknown type %s' % type)
opinion = Opinion(
url=form.cleaned_data.get('url', ''),
user_agent=ua, locale=locale,
return opinion
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