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# Update script for staging server. Takes care of updating code repo, vendor
# dir, and running DB migrations.
HERE=`dirname $0`
GIT=`which git`
PYTHON=`which python2.6`
pushd "$HERE/../" > /dev/null
# pull actual code
$GIT pull -q origin master
$GIT submodule update --init
# pull vendor repo
pushd vendor > /dev/null
$GIT pull -q origin master
$GIT submodule update --init
popd > /dev/null
# Run database migrations.
$PYTHON vendor/src/schematic/schematic migrations/
$PYTHON vendor/src/schematic/schematic migrations/sites
# Pull in highcharts.src.js - our lawyers make us do this.
/usr/bin/python26 $INPUT_DIR/ cron get_highcharts
# Minify assets.
$PYTHON compress_assets
# Fix mobile and desktop site domains in database. Bug 608581.
$PYTHON ./ cron set_domains
popd > /dev/null
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