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{% extends "base.html" %}
{% block page_title %}{{ _('About Firefox Input') }}{% endblock %}
{% block content %}
<div class="block prose">
<h2>{{ _('Hello!') }}</h2>
{% trans %}
<strong>Firefox Input</strong> is Mozilla's primary feedback mechanism. It is
set up to be a method of one-way communication about your experiences in using
Firefox, the Internet you view it through, and what Mozilla can do to make
that experience better. The system is available over a wide-variety of
submission mechanisms over all three major channels of builds.
{% endtrans %}
{% trans feedback_url=url('feedback') %}
To submit feedback for your version of Firefox, please go to <a href="{{
feedback_url }}">the feedback submission page</a>!
{% endtrans %}
<h2>{{ _('Open Data') }}</h2>
{% trans data_url='' %}
We'd love to experiment more with this data, but we're only a few people.
So, we need requests from you on questions you'd like to see answered!
If you would like to experiment with our data, please <a href="{{
data_url }}">contact us</a>!
{% endtrans %}
<h2>{{ _('Source Code') }}</h2>
{% trans source_url='' %}
The code for the Firefox Input web application can be found <a href="{{
source_url }}">on GitHub</a>!
{% endtrans %}
{% endblock %}
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