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@@ -3,59 +3,47 @@
set -e
# update locales
pushd locale > /dev/null
$SVN revert -R .
-$SVN up
+#$SVN up
./ .
popd > /dev/null
+#update vendor
echo -e "Updating vendor..."
git pull
git submodule sync
git submodule update --init --recursive
+# update code in src tree
echo -e "Updating reporter..."
-git fetch origin
-# Note: We're deploying from the master branch now to shave off some
-# workflow steps because this is a dead project. (willkg)
-git checkout origin/master
-git submodule update --init
-cd /data/input;
-/usr/bin/rsync -aq --exclude '.git*' --delete /data/input/python/ /data/input/www/django
-# FIXME: Commenting this out because it's not working.
-# /usr/bin/python26 $VENDOR_DIR/src/schematic/schematic migrations
-# Pull in highcharts.src.js - our lawyers make us do this.
-/usr/bin/python26 $INPUT_DIR/ cron get_highcharts
-/usr/bin/python26 $INPUT_DIR/ compress_assets
-mkdir -p $INPUT_DIR/static
-/usr/bin/python26 $INPUT_DIR/ collectstatic --noinput --clear
-# Grab up to date product details
-/usr/bin/python26 $INPUT_DIR/ update_product_details
-# FIXME: Commenting this out because it's not working.
-# if [ -d $SYNC_DIR/migrations/sites ]; then
-# /usr/bin/python26 $VENDOR_DIR/src/schematic/schematic migrations/sites
-# fi
-# Clustering commented out because it takes too long during release.
-# If urgent, start by hand (in a screen). If not urgent, wait until clustering
-# cron job reoccurs.
-#su - apache -s /bin/sh -c '/usr/bin/python26 /data/input/www/django/ cron cluster'
-#/data/bin/ .
-#/data/bin/ generic 'service httpd reload'
+git pull origin master
+# sync to www tree, which web servers get, without .git* and .svn*
+/usr/bin/rsync -aq --exclude '.git*' --delete /data/sync/input/src/ /data/sync/input/www/
+# compress assets
+$PYTHON $INPUT_DIR/ compress_assets
+# check if static dir exists, make if nto
+if [ ! -d $INPUT_DIR/static ]; then
+ echo "making static dir"
+ mkdir -p $INPUT_DIR/static
+# collect static assets to static/
+$PYTHON $INPUT_DIR/ collectstatic --noinput --clear
+# commit to git for web servers to pull from
+git commit -a -m "push to prod"
+issue-multi-command input /data/bin/libget/
+sleep 60
+issue-multi-command input service httpd restart

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