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Mozilla IT's Inventory system
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Latest commit 6def83e @rtucker-mozilla rtucker-mozilla Merge pull request #46 from rtucker-mozilla/master
Show error message if Key/Value store is not empty at delete page.
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MozInvAuthorization Make System KeyValue to fit other KeyValue classes
adapters Make System KeyValue to fit other KeyValue classes
api setup travis
api_v1 setup travis
api_v2 setup travis
api_v3 setup travis
apps Better example of loading templates (i.e. not with jingo)
base Rename base.base to just base
bulk_action Make filename a dhcp statement thus allowing it to show up in the dhc…
core comments typo fix
decommission fix decommission api
decorators Changed to load forms only on the pages the form is …
dhcp Lots of changes
docs docs.
lib setup travis
libs putting out a fire
locale Add an example locale/ directory
mcsv Attempt to fix sporadic ise
media Moved example JS to its own dir for isolation and easy deletion
middleware remove print statement
migrate_dns added a new interface for combining A/PTR and KV pairs to create SREG…
migrations Additions for oncall management
misc Rewrote systemrack management to use standard views instead of generi…
mozdns more pythonic
oncall Added metrics to oncall group
reports BUG 908640. Changed 'All' checkbox behavior to not select everything.
requirements setup travis
reversion_compare added delete for records.
scripts Fix up import script to handle multiple sites per service
settings fix static url
slurpee handle request Timeouts by sleeping 1 and then retrying
static Be more user friendly in the UI after record creation/update
systems Adding better error handling when a system has existing Key/Value ent…
templates Adding better error handling when a system has existing Key/Value ent…
truth minor changes. path issues mostly.
user_systems migrations for user_systems/
vendor @ ae9d888 upgrade vendor
vendor-local vendor has multidb-router
wsgi Updates to tastyapi
.gitignore :sparkles: Added External Data API (slurpee) :sparkles:
.gitmodules make all submodule remotes https instead of git protocol
.travis.yml setup travis
CHANGES.txt bug 958151
LICENSE Added LICENSE document. point travis status widget at mozilla/inventory BUST A MOVE Fixed incorrect link from range display and patched to send a mac thr… remove build/

Build Status

Inventory keeps inventory of all the things.

Also checkout Invtool, a command line interface to Inventory.

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