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+ISPDB is a Django front-end to figure out workflow of ISP database info for the
+Thunderbird autoconfig database.
+This file contains useful informations to help developers.
+## Documentation
+### Models
+ISPDB has the following models: Domain, DomainRequest, Config, Issue, DocURL,
+DocURLDesc, EnableURL, EnableURLInst.
+Both Domain and DomainRequest represent a mail domain. The difference is that
+DomainRequest is not approved yet. It means that users can vote on it and their
+name attribute is not unique (we can have more than one DomainRequest with the
+same name). A Config holds the domain configuration. It can be related to more
+than one domain. It has zero or more documentation pages (DocURL) and zero or
+more enable pages (EnableURL). A DocURL has one or more descriptions
+(DocURLDesc) and a EnableURL has one or more instructions (EnableURLInst).
+Because those 4 classes are very similar, we have created common model and form
+The Issue model represents a reported issue. It is related to the configuration
+and optionally to an user suggested configuration.
+### Forms
+The complexity of the forms is in the form's classes. For example, ConfigForm
+class has domain_formset, docurl_formset and enableurl_formset attributes. So we
+can do things like the save_all method which save all of the forms (Domain,
+Config, DocURL, EnableURL), simplifying the views.
+Also there are two nested forms (for DocURL and EnableURL models). So each
+DocURLForm has a DocURLDesc formset and each EnableURLForm has a EnableURLInst
+It is possible to add new forms dynamically in all of the formsets. There are
+two form classes to help with this task: DynamicModelForm and
+DynamicBaseModelFormSet. Basically they add a DELETE hidden boolean field and a
+overriden empty_form attribute (see below).
+#### Dynamic Forms
+enter_config.html template has hidden textarea elements which contains empty
+forms. These empty forms have on their attributes JQuery Validation tags, in our
+case "{1}-{0}" string, which are replaced with a form prefix and a index.
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