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Jetpack Manager for Node.js
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Jetpack Manager for Node.js

Replacing the previous python tool for developing Firefox Add-ons, cfx, jpm is a utility for developing, testing, and packaging add-ons.

Currently only works with Firefox 38+. Check out the --binary flag for ensuring that you're using the correct release of Firefox with jpm.


Installing from npm:

npm install jpm -g

Installing from GitHub to get latest features or working on jpm itself, use npm link to add the jpm global to your path:

git clone
cd jpm
npm install
npm link


jpm has several commands: init, run, test, xpi, with details below. Some options are:

  • -b, --binary <path> Use the specified Firefox binary to run the add-on. Used in run and test.
  • -v, --verbose Prints additional debugging information.
  • --binary-args <CMDARGS> Passes other arguments into Firefox. Enclose multiple arguments in quotes.
  • --debug Enable the add-on debugger when running the add-on.
  • -p, --profile <PROFILE> Uses the profile name or path when running Firefox. Paths must start with either "./" or "/", or be considered a profile name.
  • --prefs [path] Uses a JSON file or common js file which exports a JSON object. The keys of this object will be the pref names, the values will be the pref values.
  • -o, --overload [path] Uses either the specified [path] or the path set in the environment variables JETPACK_ROOT as the root for addon-sdk modules instead of the ones built into Firefox.
  • --post-url <URL> experimental Used to post a xpi to a URL.


  • jpm init Provides a series of prompts to create a package.json for an add-on.
  • jpm run Runs the current add-on.
  • jpm test Tests the current add-on.
  • jpm xpi Zips up the current add-on into a .xpi file.
  • jpm post experimental Zips up the current add-on into a .xpi file and post that to the --post-url.
  • jpm watchpost experimental Zips up the current add-on into a .xpi file and post that to the --post-url, every time a file in the current working directory changes.



Run current add-on with Firefox Nightly on OSX:

jpm run -b nightly

Turn current add-on into a .xpi file for deployment and installation

jpm xpi

Use local checkout of SDK modules for working on the SDK itself.

jpm run -o /path/to/addon-sdk


To run the jpm test suite

npm test

To run just a specific type of test (functional, unit), run the associated script:

npm run unit

Using Post and Watchpost

Note: this is experimental


You must have the Extension Auto-Installer installed on Firefox.


Once this has completed, setup a watchpost:

jpm watchpost --post-url http://localhost:8888/

This will watch for changes to the current working directory and post a new xpi to your installed Extension Auto-Installer which will then install the new xpi. To end the process, use the hokey, CTRL + C.

For a simple xpi and post, use:

jpm post --post-url http://localhost:8888/



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