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from datetime import date
from mock import patch
from import eq_
from kpi.cron import update_visitors_metric, Webtrends
from kpi.models import Metric, VISITORS_METRIC_CODE
from kpi.tests import metric_kind
from sumo.tests import TestCase
class UpdateVisitorsTests(TestCase):
@patch.object(Webtrends, 'visits')
def test_update_visitors_cron(self, visits):
"""Verify the cron job inserts the right rows."""
visitor_kind = metric_kind(code=VISITORS_METRIC_CODE, save=True)
visits.return_value = {'2012-01-13': 42,
'2012-01-14': 193,
'2012-01-15': 33}
metrics = Metric.objects.filter(kind=visitor_kind)
eq_(3, len(metrics))
eq_(42, metrics[0].value)
eq_(193, metrics[1].value)
eq_(date(2012, 01, 15), metrics[2].start)
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