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[bug 721415] Update django-waffle

This fixes the problem where calling flag_is_active twice during the same
request when using flag.percent can result in two different values.
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commit 642d60d18275f64c0804c3bbf8c2f0bf53bbc54b 1 parent f8ad9b4
Will Kahn-Greene willkg authored

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  1. +1 1  vendor/src/django-waffle
2  vendor/src/django-waffle
... ... @@ -1 +1 @@
1   -Subproject commit 5673b12fb4e51ca10a8aed6c209a79a2952314e3
  1 +Subproject commit acc8e4adb41e7713be9778460fc3e99e034b7511

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