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Latest commit f6b0a38 James Socol Updating locale.
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apps Actually store replies with UTC timezone, not a few hours off. Bug 61…
configs Switch joins in the wiki_pages index. [bug 613059]
docs [613329] Videos can link to CDN if setting provided.
lib [560487] Add Maithili locale.
locale @ 486c459 Updating locale.
media Show busy spinner image when submitting a tweet reply. [bug 617363]
migrations Store replies to customer care in the database. Bug 612931.
requirements Customer Care templates
scripts Hopefully prevent sphinx test collisions.
templates Fixed kb dashboard link text and profile link url. [bug 617124]
wsgi [bug 578067] Upgrade to celery 2
.gitignore More handy updates to Sphinx tests, thanks to Dave.
.gitmodules django skeleton Push celery logs to syslog when DEBUG=False. [Bug 567960] Add vendor library. Push celery logs to syslog when DEBUG=False. Create a new chat app. [bug 605476]
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