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configs [bug 694979] [bug 698474] [bug 698475] [bug 706638] Add optional, exp…
docs [bug 718826, 715932] Make ES indexing less sucky
lib Add Khmer to languages.json
media [bug 718889] Correctly enable gallery radio buttons.
migrations Make sure NOT NULL columns are not NULL.
requirements Unpin and update coverage.
scripts sleep after executing curl in prime_app()
templates [bug 714795] Initial support for marketplace.
vendor [bug 714798] Marketplace AAQ.
webroot Make sr->sr-CYRL [bug 650363]
wsgi [bug 578067] Upgrade to celery 2
.gitignore [Bug 680567] Add Download Highcharts as Build Step
.gitmodules [bug 714798] Marketplace AAQ.
LICENSE [bug 661022] Add BSD LICENSE file to kitsune
README.rst django skeleton Push Celery logs to syslog, for real this time. [bug 663236] Add safe form monkeypatch from nuggets
push.txt [bug 664456] Make update_weekly_vote cron more reasonable. [bug 720865] Remove race conditions that were causing mapping conflic… Fix flag in settings_test


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