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147-elasticsearch-unified-waffle.sql [bug 761573] Add esunified waffle flag
148-contributor-metric-kinds.sql [bug 757028] Add daily calculation of contributor metrics.
149-remove-elasticsearch-waffle.sql [bug 755923] RIP Sphinx
150-remove-sphinx-metric-kinds.sql Remove sphinx ctr stuff from KPI app.
151-inproduct-redirect-permissions.sql Fix migration 151.
152-add-product.sql Fix issues from review
153-add-document-products.sql [bug 768226] Implement m2m product field
154-add-topics.sql [bug 768875] Add topic models
155-update-products-add-image.sql [bug 775224] Populate products table
156-add-products.sql [bug 889271] Fix migration 226
157-add-document-topics.sql [bug 768876] Add M2M topic field.
158-remove-elasticsearch-unified-waffle.sql [bug 771716] Remove bucketed search view [bug 901664] Remove old topics for good Fix wrong module name in migrations
161-add-new-theme-waffle.sql Add new-theme waffle flag
162-ia-enabled-flag.sql [bug 778136] New home page
163-registered-as-contributor-group.sql [bug 778095] Register as contributor
164-set-upvotes-default.sql [Bug 782854] Fix upvotes default value warning.
165-insert-hot-topics-topic.sql [bug 781158] Implement Hot Topics
166-surveygizmo-flag.sql [bug 782809] Add SurveyGizmo survey
167-waffle-permissions.sql Add waffle permissions.
168-noop.sql Convert migration 168 into noop.
169-remove-ia-enabled-flag.sql [bug 784344] Add show_new_sumo helper for ia and redesign.
170-add-forums-columns.sql [bug 784325] Add display_order and is_listed to forums.
171-drop-related-documents.sql [bug 781177] Implement ES->morelikethis for related documents. [bug 872538] Move apps from apps/ to kitsune/
173-remove-new-theme-flag.sql Remove the new-theme flag. [bug 872538] Move apps from apps/ to kitsune/
175-search-ab-flag.sql [bug 790425] A/B test excerpt styles
176-re-add-new-theme-waffle-flag.sql [bug 795870] Mobile redesign base styles
177-add-register-survey-flag.sql [Bug 809433] Add registration surveygizmo.
178-add-locales-model-and-migration.sql [bug 797783] Add Locale model.
179-remove-register-survey-flag.sql [Bug 814848] Remove registration survey.
180-questions-manytomany-topics-products.sql [bug 810945] Assign topic and product to questions during AAQ.
191-add-locale-permissions-contenttype.sql [bug 815438] Add UI for managing locale users. [bug 872538] Move apps from apps/ to kitsune/
193-announcement-locale.sql [Bug 790798] Add locale announcements. Fix wrong module name in migrations
195-questions-locales.sql [Bug 827645] Add FK columsn to questions.
196-remove-new-theme-waffle.sql [bug 823587] Remove old mobile theme
197-questions-locale-take-2.sql Add locale field. Do DB migration. [bug 821043] Change password disabling to use User.set_unusable_passw…
199-deactivate-users-permission.sql [bug 783707] Allow disabling of users
200-edit-keywords-permission.sql [bug 837851] Add permission to edit keywords field
201-add-optimizely-flag.sql [bug 850816] Add Optimizely script behind "optimizely" flag.
202-add-ready-for-l10n-columns.sql [bug 851225] Add ready for l10n date to Revision model/table [bug 872538] Move apps from apps/ to kitsune/
204-add-links-to-this-column.sql Add missing comma in SQL migration.
205-bypass-answer-ratelimit-permission.sql [bug 862347] Add permission to bypass answer ratelimit.
206-add-new-locales-sw-az.sql [bug 668794][bug 846801] Add new locales: az, sw
207-remove-chat-app.sql [Bug 864856] Remove chat app.
208-add-inproduct-https-sample.sql [bug 863528] Add sampling to redirecting inproduct to HTTPS.
209-upgrade-django-waffle.sql [bug 867233] Upgrade django-waffle to 0.9.1 [bug 872538] Move apps from apps/ to kitsune/
212-question-visits-model.sql [bug 857534] Get and save question views from google analytics.
213-add-new-locale-sah-.sql [bug 846813] Add Sakha (sah) locale.
214-edit-needs-change-permission.sql [bug 865705] Add permission to change needs_change* fields.
215-remove-delete-l10n-permissions.sql [bug 720226] Wiki permissions overhaul.
216-add-new-topics-and-perms.sql fix typo in migration
217-add-new-topics-flag.sql [bug 881433] Add new product-specific topics. s/uncached/objects/
219-drop-unused-tables.sql Drop unused tables.
220-remove-old-topics-part-1.sql [bug 884818] Remove code for old topics along with new-topics flag.
221-readd-new-topics-flag.sql [bug 867701] New topic and subtopic landing pages
222-add-hot-questions-flag.sql [Bug 867221] Show hot questions on product pages.
223-remove-new-topics-flag.sql [bug 890268] Remove old topics from templates
224-wiki-metrics-models.sql [bug 889913] Track l10n coverage % for all locale/product combos.
225-new-topics-for-questions.sql [Bug 889903] Make Questions use the new topics. Move questions config things into
227-add-browserid-flag.sql [bug 889814] Setup infrastructure for Persona auth [bug 896484] Track the number of active contributors per locale/product.
229-remove-old-topics-part-2.sql Add migration to remove old topics
230-delete-new-topics-tables.sql Add migration to remove `_new_topics` tables
231-add-django-badger.sql [bug 896137] Badges infrastructure
232-switch-to-south.sql [bug 911831] Add initial South migrations
233-convert-wiki-to-south.sql Convert wiki app to south.
234-convert-tidings-to-south.sql Update django-tidings to master tip.
235-add-missing-djcelery-tables.sql [bug 785856] Upgrade celery to v3.0.24.
236-install-django-axes.sql [bug 971000] Protect login with django-axes.
237-convert-taggit-to-south.sql [bug 972522] Upgrade to django-taggit v0.11.2.
238-drop-questions-product-fk.sql [bug 1078326] Change question->{product,topic} to FK. Part 1. [bug 768876] Migrate from tags to topics for KB documents [bug 901664] Remove old topics for good [bug 768876] Migrate from tags to topics for KB documents
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