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The Django project that powers MDN.
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configs Fix bug 1078186: Redirect static canvas examples
docs bug 1184662 - Add instructions for Safari
etc/data fix bug 1190582 - add Malagasy locale
kuma Bug 1188029 - Use native taggit API to get tag names.
kumascript @ e2c18ac bug 1005013 - revert ks merge; use feature branch
media Fix bug 1197444: Remove media/fonts symlink
provisioning Bug 1196354 - Bump version for Stouts.elasticsearch
requirements Bug 1188029 - Upgrade django-constance.
scripts Bug 1197444: Revert 2de3d96
static Bug 1197444: Move fonts to kuma/static
templates Fix Bug 1209670: Remove header_feedback waffle
tests bug 1184670 - Don't allow admin tests on prod
vendor Bug 1188029 - Upgrade django-constance.
webroot Added webroot/.exists to ensure directory exists
wsgi Bug 1116335 - Fixed typo in WSGI script.
.coveragerc bug 957802 - Add make coverage
.csslintrc Fix bug 1139508: Remove the /media/redesign folder
.editorconfig Combine EditorConfig rules using {...} notation
.gitignore Bug 1197444: Move fonts to kuma/static
.gitmodules Bug 1188029 - Upgrade django-constance.
.jshintrc bug 1055078 - Make syntax-prism.js pass jshint
.travis.yml bug 1196342 - use Travis elasticsearch service fix bug 1175873 - Fix broken link in
LICENSE add just a MPL2 LICENSE file
Makefile bug 957802 - Add make coverage
Procfile bug 1211651 - assign tasks to certain queues
README.rst fix bug 957802 - but not rly tho
Vagrantfile Bug 957802 - Use Ubuntu 64 setting for Virtualbox VM. Fix bug 1132517 - Remove unused libraries from lib.
contribute.json fix bug 1209045 - Update contributors.json to reflect current team
kumascript_settings_local.json-dist bug 976744 - Stop loading unused DekiScript modules Bug 1116335 - Move Jingo monkey patch to URL config. Bug 1182210 - Use full URLs for sharing Bug 1198149 - Improve exception handling. Bug 1116335 - Added an Ansible playbook for Travis so we can reuse th…
tox.ini Fix bug 1193815 - Fixed rendering of JavaScript translation catalogs. Bug 1195335 - Split wiki views into separate modules.



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