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require "yaml"
# Load up our vagrant config files -- vagrantconfig.yaml first
_config = YAML.load(,
"vagrantconfig.yaml"), File::RDONLY).read)
# Local-specific/not-git-managed config -- vagrantconfig_local.yaml
"vagrantconfig_local.yaml"), File::RDONLY).read))
rescue Errno::ENOENT # No vagrantconfig_local.yaml found -- that's OK; just
# use the defaults.
CONF = _config
MOUNT_POINT = "/vagrant" do |config| = CONF['box']
config.vm.box_url = CONF['box_url'] = CONF['package_name']
# nfs needs to be explicitly enabled to run.
if CONF['nfs'] == false or RUBY_PLATFORM =~ /mswin(32|64)/
config.vm.share_folder("v-root", MOUNT_POINT, ".")
config.vm.share_folder("v-root", MOUNT_POINT, ".", :nfs => true)
# This thing can be a little hungry for memory
config.vm.customize ["modifyvm", :id, "--memory", CONF['memory_size']]
# uncomment to enable VM GUI console, mainly for troubleshooting
if CONF['gui'] == true
config.vm.boot_mode = :gui
end :hostonly, CONF['ip_address']
# Increase vagrant's patience during hang-y CentOS bootup
# see:
config.ssh.max_tries = 50
config.ssh.timeout = 300
config.vm.provision :puppet do |puppet|
puppet.manifests_path = "puppet/manifests"
puppet.manifest_file = "dev-vagrant.pp"
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