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from django.contrib import admin
from devmo.urlresolvers import reverse
from taggit_extras.managers import NamespacedTaggableManager
from taggit.forms import TagWidget
from .models import UserProfile, Calendar, Event
class ProfileAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
list_display = ('user_name', 'related_user', 'fullname', 'title',
'organization', 'location','content_flagging_email',
'tags', )
list_editable = ('content_flagging_email', 'tags', )
search_fields = ('user__username', 'homepage', 'title', 'fullname',
'organization', 'location', 'bio', 'misc',
'user__email', 'tags__name', )
list_filter = ()
formfield_overrides = {
NamespacedTaggableManager: {
"widget": TagWidget(attrs={"size": 45})
def related_user(self, obj):
"""HTML link to related user account"""
link = reverse('admin:auth_user_change', args=(,))
# TODO: Needs l10n? Maybe not a priority for an admin page.
return ('<a href="%(link)s"><strong>User %(id)s</strong></a>' % dict(
link=link,, username=obj.user.username))
related_user.allow_tags = True
related_user.short_description = 'User account'
def user_name(self, obj):
return obj.user.username
user_name.short_description = 'User name', ProfileAdmin), admin.ModelAdmin), admin.ModelAdmin)
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