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add various hints for ubuntu users

+ 'wikiediting' is actually 'kumaediting'
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@@ -43,8 +43,11 @@ Getting up and running
This may have some interesting settings for you to tweak, but the
defaults should work fine.
-- Fire up the VM and install everything, go take a bike ride (approx.
- 30 min on a fast net connection)::
+- The next step is to fire up the VM and install everything.
+ By default, VirtualBox creates VMs in your system drive and kuma's VM weighs 3GB;
+ so you might need to change that directory to another drive following `that tutorial <>`_.
+ When you are ready, use the following command and go take a bike ride (approx.
+ 30 min on a fast net connection).::
vagrant up
@@ -57,6 +60,13 @@ Getting up and running
ordering problems. However, In some rare occasions you might need
to run this multiple times
+- On Ubuntu, "vagrant up" will likely fail after being unable to mount NFS shared folders.
+ The solution is to disable nfs by setting the nfs flag in the vagrantconfig_local.yaml file you just created.
+ nfs: false
+ The system will be a lot slower.
- Add to /etc/hosts::
echo '' >> /etc/hosts
@@ -123,4 +133,8 @@ What’s next?
mysql -uroot kuma
UPDATE auth_user set is_staff = 1, is_active=1, is_superuser = 1 WHERE username = 'YOUR_USERNAME'
-- To allow creation and editing of documents, go to /admin/ and create waffle flags called ``wikiediting`` and ``kumawiki``
+- Alternatively, you can simply issue the command:
+ ./ createsuperuser
+- To allow creation and editing of documents, go to /admin/, go to the waffle section and add flags called ``kumaediting`` and ``kumawiki``

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