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nickolay added some commits May 13, 2012
@nickolay nickolay libmemcached is required by pylibmc. c46a98d
@nickolay nickolay Improve product_details_json instructions based on the following:
1) The product_details_json directory must exist before ./
syncdb is run (otherwise it fails)
2) running ./ update_product_details requires a configured DB
3) the main page currently fails with an exception if you don't run
update_product_details, so it's not an optional step.
@nickolay nickolay add a note about bug 754728. addf6b5
@nickolay nickolay Add a section on settings required by BrowserID:
SITE_URL is described at
PROTOCOL, DOMAIN, and PORT are not strictly required for browserid to
work, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to override the default values in
SESSION_COOKIE_SECURE is required, since otherwise the session cookie
gets lost because the development server is not https://.
@nickolay nickolay Mention waffle. 4bc681c
@nickolay nickolay Note the correct set of tests to run. bf3c79c

This looks like good stuff! I squashed this into one commit and merged to master:


Thanks for working through that process. Lately, we've neglected these installation instructions, because we've been using this automated Vagrant setup to get Kuma up and running in a virtual machine.

But, that's mostly because it includes all the hard-to-configure pieces like MindTouch. Once we've been able to transition away from that, getting the whole stack running on something like OS X will be much more viable.

@lmorchard lmorchard closed this May 15, 2012

@lmorchard Thanks for the information! I thought the vagrant instructions were experimental. Perhaps it should be noted that the dev team uses the VM for development.


@nickolay Those instructions were experimental and then... well, they still are, but most of us on the core dev team are using them. Hmm, yeah, maybe they should be more prominently mentioned :)


Follow-up: #234

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