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Currently with a clean checkout npm complains about unmet dependencies:

(kuma-venv)[vagrant@kuma kumascript]$ npm list
npm WARN fibers 0.6.4 Unmet dependency in /vagrant/kumascript
npm WARN optimist 0.3.x Unmet dependency in /vagrant/kumascript/node_modules/nconf

Also optimist is not listed in package.json, making it appear as "extraneous" after you install it.

I did an "npm install fibers && npm install optimist" followed by git commit, looks like that's how one is supposed to add dependencies to node_modules...


Hmm, I actually had to remove node-fibers from the repo a few weeks ago. That package has a binary module component that needs to be compiled, and anything like that needs to be built and wrapped in an RPM for installation on Mozilla servers. For non-Mozilla servers (like a vagrant box, etc), an npm install should pick it up.

As for optimist... hmm, that should probably appear under node_modules/nconf/node_modules/optimist, if it's a pre-req for nconf.

nickolay added some commits May 29, 2012
@nickolay nickolay This reverts commit b43657e. 2f3c69d
@nickolay nickolay Add missing node_modules.
- commit 'optimist' required by 'nconf'
- 'fibers' is a compiled module, which must be deployed as an RPM to
  Mozilla servers, so just add it to gitignore.

@lmorchard thanks for the link. The reason I wanted this checked in was that git complains endlessly about untracked content after you 'npm install' the requirements. Would adding node_modules/fibers to .gitignore be acceptable?

Re: optimist, I didn't think npm would install dependencies to node_modules/nconf/node_modules automatically. Thanks for the tip! (ran npm uninstall nconf && npm install nconf and committed the result)


Sorry it took me so long to get around to this, but:

@lmorchard lmorchard closed this Aug 17, 2012
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