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Mentor Tip Sheet

Thank you so much for being a mentor in this program! You'll play a vital role supporting new leaders and facilitating connections within the network.

Mentors will:

  • Continue to model working openly in your communities and projects
  • Meet with Abby (30min) once a month for support, encouragement and coaching training
    • Mondays at 1:00-1:30pm ET, every four weeks starting August 15
  • Meet with your assigned project leads (30min) every two weeks (you will be assigned 1-2 project leads)
  • Be available as necessary to connect with your assigned project leads to tackle specific issues
  • Attend at least three of the weekly ‘Office Hours’ (1h) over the 12 week program together with the cohort going through the Open Leadership Training Series
    • Mondays at 12:00-1:00pm ET, every week starting August 22
  • If possible, attend MozFest (Oct 28-30, London UK) and run a session

1:1 meetings

There are three main goals of these mentorship meetings. You'll see these reflected in the structure and resources we provide.

  1. Connect as humans: Use this one on one time to get to know the people you are mentoring and help connect them to others in the network. For many of them, this will be their first time at MozFest -- these meetings give them a chance to make a buddy before the big event.
  • Spend some time in each meeting getting to know them personally. Be genuine when asking how they're doing.
  • Introduce them to others who may have relevant interests or skills to their project.
  1. Help their project suceed: We're helping participants engage and deepen contributorship on their projects and sessions.
  • Set goals around their project and help break them down to tasks to work on over the next 12 weeks.
  • Connect them to resources or skills they may need, if possible.
  • Help them craft / prepare their MozFest session so they can leverage the event to help their project.
  1. Apply lessons from Working Open: Help participants apply what they're learning in the Open Leadership Training Series to their specific projects.
  • If you have time, review their assignments and provide feedback when appropriate.
  • Encourage them to apply best practices from working open to their work.



First Meeting

AGENDA (see full agenda in the template):

  • Review project lead needs/expectations (Goal setting exercise)
  • Check logistics for future meetings (times, people to include)
  • Reminder to join chat

Timing / Notes:

  • [5 - 10 min] Getting to know each other! Before jumping into the agenda, take some time to get to know your mentee.
    • Say hi :) Tell them a bit about yourself
    • Get to know them
    • Get to know what they're excited about
  • [10 - 15min] Review project lead needs/expectations (Setting 12 weeks goals)
    • Now that you know more about their project, ask them what they want to see on their project in 12 weeks (right after MozFest).
    • Recommended reading: Setting SMART Goals
  • [5 - 10 min]
    • Start breaking down the goals into 2-week sized tasks to complete
    • It's okay if you don't finish this week
  • [2 - 5 min] Wrap-up
    • Can you meet at the same time two weeks from now? Adjust time if needed.
      • Is there anyone else who should join this call? Project collaborators?
    • Reminder to join chat
    • Let your mentee know you are available if they have questions / need help. Let them know the best way to reach you.

Second to Fifth Meeting

For any of these meetings, you may want to reach out to anther mentor who has some expertise needed on this project.


  • Highlights from the past two weeks
  • Review goals/timeline
  • Review assignments
  • Where can we help?

Sixth and Final Meeting

Celebration, Debrief & Review

  • Agenda & notes will come when we get closer to this


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