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An add-on and web app for visualizing HTTP requests between websites in real time.

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C2: a clean rewrite of Collusion

Refactoring to have a suite of reusable components.

The should answer common questions like:

  • What does your software do? Is it an application? A library?
  • Links through to important sections of the wiki. Like installation instructions
  • How do I contribute code? Link to contributors file
  • Where is the community around this software? List IRC channels, mailing lists, issue trackers, code repositories, etc.

Components of Collusion

  • Connection Listener: get each connection for logging
  • Log formatter: Convert a connection to a log item
  • Tab Association: Get the tab each connection was loaded from
  • Tab Listener: Notify collusion which tab is being viewed, for update filtering
  • Log Persistence
  • Log Filtering
  • Tab History (n/a - moved to post 1.0)
  • Server Updates
  • New User Interface
  • Visualization Data Shaping
  • Visualization Switcher
  • Visualization(s)
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