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This is our SSO server and identity provider for webmaker.org and all our additional Webmaker websites; sign in once, sign in everywhere!

Getting the Server Up and Running Locally

The app is written using nodejs and uses npm for package management.

Once you have those you can get things up and running by:

  1. Install npm modules - npm install
  2. Use the default configeration - cp env.sample .env
  3. Run the server - npm start


We use Grunt to lint our CSS and JS and these tests are run on each pull request sent into the mozilla repo using travis-ci.

If you want to check your code passes before sending in a pull request (and ensure no breaking builds) then:

  • ensure that grunt is installed globally on your system - npm install -g grunt
  • run grunt --travis test

New Relic

To enable New Relic, set the NEW_RELIC_ENABLED environment variable and add a config file, or set the relevant environment variables.

For more information on configuring New Relic, see: https://github.com/newrelic/node-newrelic/#configuring-the-agent