NodeJS application that hosts details for your makes
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Make Valet

NodeJS application that hosts details for your makes.

Quick start

  1. Clone this repository via git: git clone
  2. Change directory to the repository: cd make-valet/
  3. Install bower if not already installed: npm install -g bower
  4. Install dependencies: npm install
  5. Copy default config to working location: cp env.dist .env
  6. Edit config file with your favourite text editor. See comments in config file for what each option does
  7. Run the server: node server.js

Running make-valet without an Internet connection

make-valet relies upon the domain to access user subdomains. If you do not have an internet connection available, you'll need to have some other way of setting domains on your local machine.

Edit your /etc/hosts file

For example, if I'm the user jon, you'll need to add an entry for to your local hosts file:

The downside of this approach is that you'll need to add a hostname for each user you create locally.

Run a local DNS resolver

If you're running the make-valet offline with a number of users, you should use a local DNS resolver like dnsmasq to scale up to any number of users