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Core JS modules for Firefox Marketplace frontend projects
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Core JS modules for Firefox Marketplace frontend projects.

Developing Modules

For convenience, you can clone this repository straight into the src/media/js/lib directory of your frontend project. That way, you can test your modules and handle revisions in the same place (without needing to copy modules to a different folder to commit).

Be careful as running make install may overwrite changes you make in that directory!

Updating a Module

When you update a module:

  • Bump the version in bower.json
  • Git tag that version and push to Github (e.g., git tag v1.2.0 && git push origin v1.2.0)
  • Add a release entry with the details of the changes in the tag you've just added here
  • Bump your project's bower.json to pull in the new changes
  • Run make install to get these modules into your project and into your RequireJS development configuration

Adding a Module

When adding an core module:

  • Commit the module
  • Add the name of the module to CORE_MODULES in lib/config.js in Commonplace
  • Follow the same steps above for Updating a Module

The Commonplace step will make it so Marketplace frontend projects won't have to manually configure the module into their RequireJS configurations.