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import json
import re
import random
import unicodedata
from funkload.FunkLoadTestCase import FunkLoadTestCase
class MarketplaceTest(FunkLoadTestCase):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(MarketplaceTest, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.root = self.conf_get('main', 'url')
# on startup, select one language and a bunch of categories /
# applications to use when running the test.
languages = [
'af', 'ar', 'bg', 'ca', 'cs', 'da', 'de', 'el', 'es',
'eu', 'fa', 'fi', 'fr', 'ga-IE', 'he', 'hu', 'id', 'it', 'ja',
'ko', 'mn', 'nl', 'pl', 'pt-BR', 'pt-PT', 'ro', 'ru', 'sk', 'sl',
'sq', 'sv-SE', 'uk', 'vi', 'zh-CN', 'zh-TW']
# consider that 50% of the traffic is english.
languages.extend(('en-US',) * int(0.5 * (len(languages) + 1)))
self.lang = random.choice(languages)
# select 4 categories and 4 applicatoins out of all of them.
categories = ('entertainment-sports', u'business', u'games',
u'music', u'news-weather', u'productivity', 'social',
u'travel', u'books-reference', u'education', u'health-fitness',
u'lifestyle', u'photos-media', u'utilities', u'shopping')
self.categories = random.sample(categories, 4)
apps = self.get_apps()
self.apps = random.sample(apps, 4)
def get(self, url, *args, **kwargs):
"""Do a GET request with the given URL.
This call sets the Accept-Languages header and ask funkload to now
follow img/css/js links.
# when GETing an URL, we don't want to follow the links (img, css etc)
# as they could be done on the fly by javascript in an obstrusive way.
# we also prepend the domain (self.root) to the get calls in this
# method.
self.setHeader('Accept-Languages', self.lang)
return super(MarketplaceTest, self).get(self.root + url,
*args, **kwargs)
def get_apps(self):
"""Get the list of apps from the marketplace API"""
resp = self.get('/en-US/api/apps/search/')
content = json.loads(resp.body)
return [p['slug'] for p in content['objects']]
def get_categories(self):
"""Get all the categories from the marketplace API"""
resp = self.get('/en-US/api/apps/category/')
cats = json.loads(resp.body)['objects']
return [slugify(c['name']) for c in cats]
def query_index(self):
def query_search(self):
# make a request that returning all the apps registered in the
# marketplace.
# and then do a search with the name of the selected apps
for app in self.apps:
self.get('/search/?q=%s' % app)
def query_apps_detail(self):
for app in self.apps:
def query_categories(self):
for category in self.categories:
def test_marketplace(self):
def slugify(value):
"""This is the slugify from django, minus an hardcoded workaround"""
value = unicodedata.normalize('NFKD', value).encode('ascii', 'ignore')
value = unicode(re.sub('[^\w\s-]', '', value).strip().lower())
slugified = re.sub('[-\s]+', '-', value)
# workaround for now
if slugified == 'social-communications':
return 'social'
return slugified
if __name__ == '__main__':
import unittest
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