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Feb 28, 2012

  1. Lawrence Mandel

    Fixed bug links in bug table.

    lmandel authored

Dec 13, 2011

  1. brandonsavage

    Removing a reference to SMARTY that inadvertently remained.

    brandonsavage authored
  2. brandonsavage

    Merging commits from dev into master.

    brandonsavage authored

Nov 08, 2011

  1. brandonsavage

    Adding charting library and improving the charting of the application.

    brandonsavage authored
  2. brandonsavage

    Adding a charting library for local chart storage and incorporating t…

    …he charting into the template system.
    brandonsavage authored
  3. brandonsavage

    Typical PHP standards dictate that you should avoid calling methods

    in a base class that are not at least stubbed or declared abstract;
    the declaration or stubbing of those methods prevents the
    inadvertent extension of the base class without the declaration of
    all methods the base class depends on.
    brandonsavage authored
  4. brandonsavage

    Removing SMARTY templating from the extension.

    brandonsavage authored

Aug 09, 2011

  1. Christian Legnitto

    Big refactoring.

    * Better code
    * Caching
    * Uses job queue to pull from bugzilla
    LegNeato authored
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