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+# MemChaser
-[MemChaser]( is a Firefox extension which keeps track of the garbage collector activity and memory usage.
+is a Firefox extension which keeps track of the garbage collector activity and
+memory usage.
-Continuous Integration
+## Continuous Integration
[![Build Status](](
-How to build
+## Installation
-Before you can test or build the extension you will have to init the [Add-ons SDK]( submodule.
+You can install the currently released version of MemChaser by visiting the
+[addon page]( and
+following the prompts.
- git submodule update --init
+## Usage
+MemChaser adds a widget to the addons bar, which dynamically displays the
+resident memory usage, the length of the last interactive GC and CC, and the
+time elapsed between the two most recent of these. For more information on
+each component simple hover over for a handy tooltip.
+By clicking the widget you will activate a menu. From here you can trigger a
+CC or GC, or reduce the memory currently in use. You can also start/stop the
+logging from here, or open the log folder.
+The logging uses the
+[Statistics API](
+to write full details of each GC.
+## Building
+First you will need to clone the repository:
+git clone
+You will then have to init the
+[Add-ons SDK]( submodule.
+git submodule update --init
To run tests against the extension:
- ant test
+ant test
To manually test the extension:
- ant run
+ant run
To specify the Firefox binary include `-Dbinary=path/to/firefox` on the command line.
To build simply run `ant` and the default build script/target will be invoked:
- ant
You can override the build number used in the filename:
- ant -Dbuild.number=1
+ant -Dbuild.number=1
To build for release (no build number in filename):
- ant release
+ant release
You can also use the Add-ons SDK directly using `cfx`:
- cd addon-sdk
- source bin/activate
- cd ../extension
- cfx docs
+cd addon-sdk
+source bin/activate
+cd ../extension
+cfx docs

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