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davehunt commented Sep 11, 2013

This could simply link to the README in github.

whimboo added the javascript label May 15, 2014

Can someone please tell me what I need to do to solve the bug. I am new to open source


whimboo commented Aug 10, 2014

Hi @insaynasasin. Thank you for your interest in fixing this issue. The first thing you should do is to actually fork this repository to your own account. Then start a new branch based of the master branch, which is used to implement the changes. For further steps it might be good if you could join us on IRC ( in the automation channel. Would that work for you?


whimboo commented Oct 6, 2014

@insaynasasin I haven't heard from you since August. Are you still interested to learn about open source and Javascript? If yes please let me know and I can mentor you through this issue.


whimboo commented Oct 17, 2014

No worries. Its good to hear that you have still interest to work on this issue. If you have problems or questions once started please let us know!

i forked the repo, cloned it my system and also made a new branch. Now what?


xabolcs commented Oct 19, 2014

Please see panel.html how the existing menuitems are defined.
Notice their data attributes, those actions are dispatched and handled at main.js.
So your new "open a new tab with the link" code should take place there, handling the new action came from the panel.html help menuitem.

i read the panel.html and main.js. please correct me if i am wrong. i need to place a link in the panel.html page and then make appropriate changes in the main.js file so that the link opens the page and the bug will be fixed?


xabolcs commented Oct 20, 2014

Ohh, sorry, I meant context.html in extension/data/panel/.

BTW You are right.
You need to place a link in context.html as a new list element, like the other items.
Then you need to write the handler of your new action in the main.js file. That should open the new tab with the page.

If you are done with all this coding, you should push your branch to your fork in github then.
After that you could open a pull request based on your feature branch against this repo's master branch.

Is there a standard naming convention or can i name them as i please?
Also when i try to open the already present links nothing happens. Why is it?

What is the procedure of accepting pulled requests?
I can see year old requests sill not getting accepted.


whimboo commented Oct 24, 2014

Please open a PR and we will take care of. Some of the existent PRs we might wanna close because they are bitrotted and never have been updated.

Regarding the naming, I would use a simple 'Help' entry after a new separator at the end.

whimboo self-assigned this Oct 24, 2014


whimboo commented Oct 24, 2014

I accidentally assigned it to me and I cannot reassign the issue to you until you are part of the team. I have sent you an invite. Please let me know when you have accepted it and you can assign it to yourself. Thanks.

@whimboo i opened the PR some 17 hours ago so as you said, take care of it, Also i don't see any invite. kindly see to it if you have sent it or not. if yes then kindly tell me where will i find the invite?


whimboo commented Oct 24, 2014

The invite has been sent out by Github itself. If you haven't received it please check this url and you may want to join our team?

@whimboo whimboo assigned insaynasasin and unassigned whimboo Oct 27, 2014

@whimboo what is the meaning of this assignment? i didn/t get it. what did you do?


whimboo commented Oct 28, 2014

The assignment reflects that you are marked as the one who is working on this issue. It's clear for others now that this issue is covered. I will do the review of your PR in a bit.

@xabolcs xabolcs added a commit to xabolcs/memchaser that referenced this issue Jun 19, 2015

@xabolcs xabolcs Issue #180 - Addressing comments from PR#204 79dd277

@xabolcs xabolcs assigned xabolcs and unassigned insaynasasin Jun 19, 2015

xabolcs added this to the 0.7 milestone Jun 19, 2015


xabolcs commented Jun 30, 2015

Fixed by PR #220 and commit 62087d2.

xabolcs closed this Jun 30, 2015

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